Cotswold Farm Park

Visit the website for information on prices, times, etc here. I have written this post purely because we love it here and not because of any payment/free entry etc. We go there at least once a year if not a couple of times.

We organised a trip out and took 4 cars – which included 2 people carriers. I took 3 of my children and it cost me just under £21.

Under 3s are free.

Quiet a bit has changed at the park since last year – now the main indoor barn has animals in, whereas before it had the rollers and kids ride on tractors.

There are plenty of places to play and keep the children entertained.

See the very grey picture – that was taken by me, safely inside the barn, and my 8 year old son remained in the rain, playing with his friends because they were enjoying themselves so much!

The feet in the sand is in the undercover sandpit – another favourite place if it rains.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

5 thoughts on “Cotswold Farm Park”

  1. that looks like a fab place and my two would enjoy that! i would have been indoors like you when it rained though as i am fair weathered out and about kinda gal!!
    i think the park should let you in free next time just for the free advertisement xx

    • They usually put kids go free vouchers in our primary times but there wasn’t one this term. Still cheap mind. Nice picnic areas too.
      Should let us know if you fancy a visit as it’s not far away :O)
      Thanks for commenting :O) x

  2. That does sound good value for what looks like a great day out! Thank you for sharing those lovely photo collections on Country Kids

  3. It looks really lovely. We’ve always wanted to go to the Cotswolds but weren’t sure if it was kiddie friendly. This would be perfect for Baby Z!


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