The Naughty Sheep and Elf TRH Craft Day 7

One of the first books we discovered that my son really loves are the Usborne ones where you have to find the duck on every page. So today I am including “The Naughty Sheep.” Even as early on as the front cover there is a duck hiding. With fantastic illustrations and easy to read stories this book really is perfect my two youngest sons (who are in Reception and year 1). Not only is there duck spotting observation skills but it has emotions too (bored, cross). I think this story gives plenty to talk about as well.

The Naughty Sheep

This range of Usborne books are very affordable at £1.99 each and I think well worth the money.

I chose this particular one as it focuses on “naughty” – the build up to Christmas focuses a lot on being naughty or nice in our house, because otherwise Father Christmas will not bring you your presents. Of course the Elves play a big part in this too – so what could be better than an Elf craft to go with this book.

Elf trh craft

The Elf was simple to make. Paint the TRH green. Take a green piece of paper and make a cone shape for a hat, we folded back a bit and coloured it darker green to make a head band. Then make a face by cutting out a circle on white paper and drawing on your eyes, nose and mouth. Cut some ear shapes (I folded the paper in half so that they were both the same) and then glue them behind your circle face. Secure both the face and hat to the TRH. Then simply cut out a black strip of paper (we used white and coloured it in with felt, you can use black paper, or paint paper black), to make a belt and then glue it on.

What about you – is being “Good” a big deal in your house in the run up to Christmas (especially)? Do you say that someone is watching? Do your children believe in Elves?

 This is part of my Christmas TRH Book Advent

I have not been asked to promote this book, received anything for free, or had any kind of financial compensation for this post. I a merely trying to promote reading.

The Christmas Collection

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