Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator (FSR)

In order to improve my diet I need to step up and become more organised. This means meal planning, with more fresh fruit and vegetables. Having time to plan meals, and cook them in a busy schedule is difficult. Ideally what I want to do is batch cook and freeze things. Two problems with this I find is one, I never have enough room to store the fresh vegetables until they are ready. This results in them being squashed together or forgotten about. Two, when I do freeze them I forget to label them with the date – hence not knowing how long they have been in there. Last night Samsung invited me to celebrate the launch of the Food showcase (FSR) refrigerator – the ultimate kitchen – which I think has the answer to my kitchen prayers.

Samsung Food Showcase 1

The Food ShowCase (FSR)

What is different and amazing about the FSR is that is has a two door layered system. The Showcase door opens for easy access to items that you use regularly. This means that everything in the InnerCase (large food items, meat, fruit, vegetables, drinks etc) still remain completely cold – saving money and energy, whilst keeping them fresher. The ShowCase door is then adjustable to meet the differing needs of each family – with customisable compartments and divided into zones.

Food showcase refrigerator

It allows features a Metal Cooling door to ensure efficient cooling performance. Samsung’s All-Around Cooling feature evenly cools every inch of the fridge as well as the freezer. Cold air is blown out through multiple outlets at every level. As a result, the refrigerator area keeps fruit and vegetables fresher for longer and the freezer reduces freezer burn, and as a result better maintains the quality of frozen food.  This smart technology means more energy saving, less noise and a much more durable appliance.

The high-end model features removable drawers so you can take the items straight to your table. It is suggested that these lower down drawers can be utilised by children, putting the things you want them to eat. It also makes a beeping sound if the door is left open for too long.

Of course I am working hard on drinking more water and encouraging my children to do the same – with the touch of a finger chilled filtered water is available with a choice of cubed or crushed ice.  Not to waste on space the ‘Ice Master’ icemaker (which stores up to 2.2kg of ice) is built into the door.

Food showcase refrigerator

It is highly priced but then I think it will save the money in the long run (that is where four or more people would be using the food from it). If it encourages more organisation and better health then what price can you put on that? I personally could see myself batch cooking and utilising the many shelves in the freezer to organise the food in date order. Since 1st July 2012 under EU registration all new models of refrigerators have to have an energy rating of at least A+ which the FSR is – which is brilliant given its size.

The Background to the Food Showcase Refrigerator

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, global leaders in technology, are transforming the world of TVs, smartphones, tablets, PCs, camera, printers, LTE systems, medical devices, semiconductors, LED solutions and home appliances, through relentless innovation and discovery. It is not surprising that Samsung are the leading brand for side-by-side fridge freezers as they constantly strive to discover all they can about their market and their needs.

Samsung Food Showcase 1

Independent Study – The Samsung Happy Homes Report

If you argue about the kitchen then you are not alone. The Samsung Happy Homes Report, a new independent study, has discovered that the kitchen is the room where one in three UK families fall out over. Empty packaging being put back in the cupboards or refrigerator (53%), not being able to find things (52%), out-of-date products not being thrown away (47%) – are the top 3 behaviours most likely to cause tension.26% of us have an out of sight out of mind mentality – throwing things in the back of cupboards or piling them up; 24% of us do not weekly check our refrigerators weekly to check for older food and drink items. 73% are so ashamed at the state of the inside their fridges that they are tidying them up before visitors arrive.

Foodscaper Carl Warner

Carl explained about how important it is to have food fresh and organised when creating his landscapes.

Professional Declutterer Vicky Silverthorn

Samsung are working with Professional declutter, and creator of prestigious life organisation company YouNeedAVicky, Vicky Silverthorn. In the busy World we all live in we need more time, Vicky explains the importance of being organised and having our kitchen in a way that works for us. For me there’s nothing worse than not noticing that we have run out of milk until the shops have closed on a Sunday, or fruit and vegetables going to waste because we couldn’t see them before they went past their best, or they were squashed under something else. I like my refrigerator to have set shelves for optimum hygiene (eg raw meat lower down than cooked meat). If things are organised then they can be located quicker, and it is easier to at a glance discover which products need replenishing (nothing worse than getting home from the supermarket to discover you have forgotten something important). A well-designed fridge helps to cut out clutter, different zones maximise space and allow for easier access. Vicky believes that good habits start at home and will then follow us into other areas in our life. I should also add that it also proves for good role models for the children too. 

Samsung Food Showcase 11

Vicky’s top five tips for keeping your refrigerator (and your kitchen) clutter-free, include;

–          Keep the items you use most at the front of the fridge: Having a streamlined fridge can make a positive difference to someone on a busy day, given the number of times we go in there – for that morning cup of tea, when making breakfast, lunch and dinner and everything in between. Having the items you use most to hand as soon as you open the fridge door can make a world of difference.

–          The more visible the food, the more likely you are to use it up: Whether organising a wardrobe, cupboard or kitchen, one thing I say a lot is if you can’t see it you don’t use it. With such busy lives how on earth could we be expected to remember every single item we own or have bought. The easier the contents of your fridge are to see, the less likely you are to throw away out-of-date products. Take a mental note of what you end up throwing out each week and don’t make the same mistake twice.

–          Store at eye level the food you want to eat most of: If you’re trying to eat more healthily, then make sure your fresh fruit and vegetables are the first thing you see when you open the fridge – and hide the chocolate as much as possible.

–          Store childrens’ items you’d like them to have access to at the lowest possible height:  It might involve creating their own area so that items they are allowed to help themselves to are within easy reach – and then placing the ‘treats’ higher up or hidden away so they can’t just help themselves.

–          Make the most of flexible storage: Remember you can often move your refrigerator shelves up and down. So adjust to suit what you are storing to ensure you don’t have any dead space

Samsung Club de Chefs

An industry first Samsung have collaborated with Michelin star-rated and visionary chefs from around the world to develop the next generation of premium home appliances that will revolutionise what consumers can accomplish in their kitchens. From the earliest stages of product development through to the testing and final production phases, to develop and launch a new range of kitchen appliances. In addition to impacting future products. Impacting everything from form to function – to bring to market new products that feature easy-to-use, intuitive features that professionals, as well as consumers, will appreciate in their kitchens. From learning how to best store fresh ingredients to cooking a dish in the best way possible for new culinary discoveries, this program will enable consumers to cook healthier, more tasteful food and give them a platform to share their cooking experiences with family and friends all over the world. The Samsung Club des Chefs will also inspire home cooks through the sharing of recipes, techniques and tips via various channels, including Samsung’s social media sites.

Samsung Food Showcase 1

The chefs assembled for Samsung Club des Chefs are some of the globe’s top culinary talents: Michel Troisgros, the third-generation owner of a three Michelin star restaurant since 1968, and president of Samsung Club des Chefs; Eric Trochon, winner of Meilleurs Ouvriers de France 2011, one of the most difficult national cooking contests in France. Eric is a renowned chef, food stylist and professor at the Ferrandi Culinary School in Paris, France; Christopher Kostow, the second American-born and the third youngest chef ever to receive three Michelin stars; and Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli (The Franks), acclaimed Brooklyn, New York-based tastemakers at the forefront of the American chef-restaurateur movement.


Samsung Home Appliances’ Food ShowCase Refrigerator is now available to buy in the UK from Dixons/Currys, John Lewis, and independent electrical retailers. Pricing is subject to individual retailers.  The FSR comes with a 10-year warranty for peace of mind.


Samsung Food Showcase 1

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I was invited to celebrate the launch of The Showcase Refrigerator. I received a Filofax, Drinks and Canapés, plus travel expenses. Some of the information was provided on a USB. All thoughts and opinions on the product are my own, and I have not been financially compensated to give them.

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  1. What an AMAZING fridge!!! With a family of six this would suit us perfectly – sadly our new build has a tiny built in one and no room for a free standing one either :S

  2. £2500?? It will be a while before I can treat myself to that luxury for sure however, in the meantime I’d love to get my hands on one of their cameras.

    Good luck with the meal planning and healthy living

  3. What an amazing fridge and useful fridge tips. I would love one of those, but think the price tag is a bit eye-watering.

  4. Ooh I am terrible for freezing things in un labeled tubs then wondering what in earth it is let alone how long it has been in there! That freezer is awesome, mind you, it is almost as big as my kitchen so I would need a whole new kitchen to go with it! X

  5. Oh wow this sounds amazing, I love a good fridge. Really great review. We don’t have one of these sadly, love the idea of lots of compartments and ice on tap! Wouldn’t that be nice *dreams of chilled Mojitos*

  6. I love this fridge! The idea of a space for the kids snacks is great. We are going to invest in a much bigger fridge next year when we do the kitchen so this will definitely be on our list of products to investigate further.


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