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Everyone in life has times of stress when they really need to relax and for me I never realised quite how much I needed that time right now. But after my time at Middle Piccadilly I felt the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders – something truly magical really did happen there.Middle Piccadilly Spa Retreat

My Life Journey

Regular readers will know that I had an emotional start to life and I have tried many different types of talking therapy to deal with the pain of my past. I guess I have been a victim but this year I have been making giant strides to fight against it. They may not seem much to most but I faced my fear and went abroad on my own. Next I drove to a BMW Press Event on my own, not knowing where I was going (something I never do)! I was growing in confidence and started to tell myself that I can do things. So when the lovely Anya Harris told me about Middle Piccadilly and told me that she thought it would be great for me I just knew it would be. If I am really honest I didn’t know too much about the treatments as I trusted her and knew the break-away would do me good. I really had NO idea of the magic that would occur!

About Middle Piccadilly

Middle Piccadilly is a Spa Retreat in rural Dorset. Now if the words Piccadilly and Spa conjure up images of busy Central London, Jacuzzis and pedicures then you are thinking completely on the wrong lines. Instead think peace and tranquillity in this family-run homely holistic retreat. In fact I would describe my time there as life changing – and I was only there for 2 nights!Middle Piccadilly Spa RetreatMiddle Piccadilly was founded by Eliana and Gerry Harvey, since their retirement they have passed it onto their son Dominic and wife Lisa Harvey. Dominic is THE most amazing chef – who created such wonderful Cordon Vert Vegetarian Cuisine that I just stood and took in the smell before I entered the kitchen every time it was mealtime. Even better still is that ingredients are organic and locally sourced. It really made me think that I want my children to remember our mealtimes with the fondness that the smell alone did for me during the retreat – not to mention the taste! I am pleased to hear that Dominic has written a recipe book and I shall certainly be getting a copy.

How much you want to switch off from the world is up to you whilst at Middle Piccadilly. Mealtimes are shared with other guests and I found it a really nice time to get to know other people who were very interesting. Plus there reasons for being there, why they had come (mostly due to fantastic reviews about Middle Piccadilly and the treatments) and how they were finding the treatments. It is about quality over quantity at Middle Piccadilly so only eight guests are accommodated at any one time so that treatments are not rushed or it becomes too busy around the breakfast table. This also means that the days are not packed with treatments – giving guests time to feel the benefits from them as well as to relax.Middle Piccadilly Spa Retreat

Other than that you could switch off completely from the world, taking quite walks around Peaceful Lane talking to cows, no television, no internet, no newspapers – just a complete detox. Middle Piccadilly has very little rules making it a home from home in order for guests to completely relax, and as such one of them is about being quite after 10:30pm. There are  plenty of books available and but Dominic let me take the one I was reading home as I hadn’t finished it, informing me that previous guests brought them in and left them behind. There is, however a Multimedia room with a computer, WiFi, printer, and universal Apple dock and headphones.

My Experience of Middle Piccadilly

As soon as I arrived I felt a sense of accomplishment – not only had I managed to drive there but I also managed to reverse back down the drive in the dark (note there’s a carpark at the top of the drive if you aren’t confident driving I would stop straight there). I was immediately greeted by Dominic and made to feel so welcome and shown around thoroughly, whilst being made to feel totally at home. My room (the Lotus) was next to the media area and I did have WiFi but there were other rooms that didn’t, and if you couldn’t connect and wanted to let people know you had arrived safely then there was a phone you could use. Dominic’s mother, Eliana, the founder of Middle Piccadilly came to give me a consultation and fill in the paperwork after I had settled in.Middle Piccadilly Spa Retreat

I felt really comfortable with Eliana as we went through the form and I opened up. She told me of her experiences and we discussed my options for treatment, telling me which she felt would suit me best. She explained to me about Shamanic healing and how it may benefit me – including any pains I have been having. I agreed that I would try this and then Hand on Heart, my faith completely in Eliana.

I was in the Lotus Room which was next door to the Media Room (so good WiFi signal), opposite the bathroom and opened out onto the garden (with such a wonderful view of the birds singing in the trees). It was lovely and warm with a radiator near my bed, but I wished it was colder so that I could try out the fluffy hot water bottle – which was provided in the wardrobe along with a hairdryer and an extra blanket. Some of the rooms have a television but mine did not – there was a wardrobe, two tables a chair, a bed and sink. Towels and toiletries were provide as well as a fantastic supply of a variety of teas/coffees and kettle. Other touches I really liked were my lamp (that got brighter/turned off by tapping it) and a thermos flask (useful if going on a walk in the cold).

The Treatments at Middle Piccadilly

There is a range of treatments available and these can be booked as part of a package, have individual top-ups if available or in my case I allowed them to be selected for me from my consultation. From talking to the other three guests, one of the main reasons people visit Middle Piccadilly is for the Shamanic Healing – which seems to be renowned for its fantastic results.

Shamanic Healing

Okay let me say this now I thought this was weird. In fact what I said when asked afterwards was that it was “different” – and laughed. But I would definitely recommend it!

Eliana explained the Shamanic Healing to me before calling to the spiritual helpers (such as power animals, angels, inner teachers, the client’s higher self or other spiritual forces) and covering us both in light to protect us. I could actually feel a warm glow on my stomach – and when asked which rattle sound was mine my body did actually react differently to one of them. Please if you are reading this and thinking it all sounds crazy bear in mind that I did too! Taking me back to find my Inner Little Girl Eliana helped me find my Guardian Angel and protect and stand up for her. I called upon people who had placed a gag on me and made them take their negative “shit” back. The people I had not really expressed how they made me feel and why they shouldn’t have behaved that way – and I was encouraged to shout at them – making sure they got the message! Eliana told me that these messages would be taken back to those who had done wrong through the spirit world. Previous people she had healed had even seen results within a couple of days that people had got in touch. Indeed by the next day someone from my past sent me a friend request! I think it made me realise how much more than anything I would just like certain people to be sorry. But no-one is completely bad and I was asked to find forgiveness for them, and to accept gifts of apology from them. Eliana told me not to think too much about the experience but just to relax and drink plenty. It was time for lunch anyway and then my next treatment.middle-piccadily-treatment-rooms

Spiezia Hand on Heart

Wow just wow. That is how I would like to start this section. I have no idea if it was the Shamanic Healing, the Hand on Heart or the combination of the two but when I had finished both treatments I was seriously like a new woman! This treatment was fully explained to me beforehand and it is a good job as I couldn’t tell you what happened for the most part! The treatment rebalances the chakras – releasing mental and emotional blockages through the rhythmic massaging of both the hands and feet. Well it was the most incredible thing – one minute there was this beautiful music playing and the cockerel crowing as Claire massaged my hands, then she moved onto her feet – and then boom I was back in the room! It was an incredible sensation and not like I had just woken from a sleep. More like being hypnotised or had an outer-body experience. It definitely felt like she had worked on a different level of consciousness.

Therapeutic Massage

The next day I was treated to a therapeutic massage, which was a full body, deep tissue massage to relieve tension and stress. I regularly have me back massaged and it was so nice for my legs to be addressed.

Conclusions of Middle Piccadilly

Since these treatments I have felt amazing. I have been so down and tired lately and after my time at Middle Piccadilly it felt like a weight had been lifted off me. I felt so energised and happy after just one day – it really was incredible. In fact on day two I woke up at 5:30am after not going to sleep until after midnight because I was so pumped up with happy energy – oh and reading. I then read for an hour and as soon it was light enough at 6:30am went for a 70 minute walk (where I did indeed speak to the cows) before breakfast. My shoulder has been hurting for ages and during my first day I kept rubbing it – but after the first day it took me until the next day to even notice it wasn’t bothering me! My feet have been so awful and dry – my kids even bought me a kit to combat it; but after my stay they are so soft! I have such a positive glow and a much healthier outlook right now. I cannot thank everyone at Middle Piccadilly enough and am trying to find a way to take my husband there. There is so much more I could say but this post is quite clearly long enough as it is!

Many thanks to the wonderful Anya Harris who shared this wonderful secret with me. Read about her experience here and you may also like to read Mummy Barrow’s account here

For more photos see my Middle Piccadilly Facebook Album

Contact Middle Piccadilly

I was invited to Middle Piccadilly for two nights for purposes of review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. This sounds like an amazing experience and something I would love. I will definitely look in to it further and I am so glad you are feeling better in yourself x

  2. This sounds just totally and utterly amazing and Shamanic Healing has fascinated me for so long so it’s nice to finally read someone’s experience x

  3. This place sounds perfect for a relaxing break. I am glad you are feeling better too and that this retreat help you get there.

  4. Oh this looks like an absolute dream come true. I’m glad you feel so much better. When you posted about it on social media I have to admit it sounded like somewhere in London but it’s actually just my sort of place.

  5. Middle Piccadilly sound wonderful! It’s near us too! So might give it a visit 🙂 My mummy could do with somewhere to escape and switch off xx

  6. Gosh the sounds like an incredible place. I’m glad it has helped you. I’m seriously considering it for help with my pnd and other issues. That hand therapy sounds incredible x


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