Gift Guide for Pokémon Fans

With the huge success of Pokémon Go this year I figured that there may be a whole load of new parents looking for Pokémon Christmas Gift inspiration. With Pokémon celebrating its 20th year this time it should be easier than ever but being as my boys have been fans for a while I thought I would share some successful ideas.

  1. Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon 

If you have managed to get your Pokémon fan to wait further than the week it was out then you have done well. Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon is the latest addition exclusively on Nintendo 3DS in the iconic series; with all-new Pokémon in the wonderful region of Alola 

Gift Guide for Pokémon Fans “Players will begin their Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon adventures soon after their character moves to Alola, a beautiful region featuring four vast tropical islands and one artificial island. They’ll soon meet Professor Kukui and a cast of memorable characters as they explore the region and look to conquer each island’s Trial. In Alola, humans and Pokémon coexist in a close relationship, resulting in a culture very different to that of other regions – and a truly new Pokémon experience for players!”

My 9 year old tells me the difference between the two is really one of whether you favour the dark side or the light side! Pokémon Sun runs like a normal day – starting in the sun and getting dark at night; Pokémon Moon is the opposite starting in the dark and then getting lighter. In reality you don’t NEED to buy both games as the story is pretty much the same just with different Pokémon (which can be traded between friends).

Differences from previous Pokémon adventures

My nineteen year old son told me that he believes the new adventures to be more story compared to past games, and that there are no Pokémon gyms. That in past games you used to require certain moves (called HMs) to access areas which are no longer required; instead you ride the Pokémon once you have unlocked access to them. The benefit of this is that you don’t need one or two Pokémon in your team to be solely dubbed as HM slaves (ie they don’t fight, they’re just there so you can actually get around places, which was previously annoying). On top of the single play mode there’s also the new Battle Royal free for all for four players. Previously people had to do 2 Vs 2 battles and let allies attack each other. Players receive a point for defeating Pokémon with the victor declared based on how many opposing Pokémon they have defeated. Pokémon Starters can now be evolved at level 17, not level 18 as in previous adventures. There are Z-Crystals which power your moves and they have a little dance to go with them. The Water Z-Move is Hydro Vortex.

Gift Guide for Pokémon Fans

  1. Pokémon DS Accessories

If you are not buying a new Nintendo 3DS XL Solgaleo and Lunala Limited Edition (featuring artwork of the Legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala) then accessories include Pokémon faceplates, Pokémon case or Pokémon stylus – accessories for the DS are always going to be a hit.

  1. Pokémon Clothing

There is a huge wealth of Pokémon clothing paraphernalia and in my experience it is all welcomed. T-shirts, sweaters, onesies, socks, woolly-hats and gloves, sun-hats, dressing-gown – you name it, if you can find a Pokémon or Pokéball on something chances are they’d like it.

Gift Guide for Pokémon Fans

  1. Pokémon Bedroom

Whether it is a full bed-spread, a throw or a blanket – the same applies as it did for clothing. Also light shades, lamps, rugs, wall stickers, curtains and so on, Calendars have always been a favourite with the Pokémon fans I know – and it means they get a new picture each month. Of course posters are welcome but make sure they are able to put them up.

  1. Pokémon Toys

Probably best not to call them toys but whether it is a small figure, a cuddly toy or something they can interact with – as long as it has a Pokémon theme you should be okay. This is the category I would use your judgement of the fan and their age though.Gift Guide for Pokémon Fans

  1. Pokémon Trading Cards

With Pokémon celebrating its 20th anniversary there is a whole range of new Pokémon trading cards out. Or if they have never played before they may be interested in a Pokémon Starter Kit.Gift Guide for Pokémon Fans

  1. Pokémon Educational

There are a huge range of Pokémon books for all ages and fan level. Our youngest likes the Pokémon sticker books, there’s Pokémon Annuals, Pokémon Encyclopaedias, Pokémon Handbooks, and even Pokémon Go stories. Then of course there are Pokémon bags, pencils, pens, notebooks and so on.Gift Guide for Pokémon Fans

I hope you found this post helpful. Thank you to Nintendo who gave my Pokémon fans tickets for the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Festival – where my nine year old was very lucky to go on stage and play his first Battle Royal against battle designer Shigeki Morimoto (who also created the Mew) – and then got to shake his hand!

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  1. it’s great to see that Pokemon is still growing strong, my daughter has really got into it recently and there are lots of episodes and even a few movies on Netflix, I’m sure the next thing will be the game for her 🙂


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