What not to buy this Christmas

Are you still desperately trying to find that perfect present for Christmas? Maybe you still haven’t even started Christmas shopping. Or maybe there’s just the odd one or two people to buy for.

Well I thought I’d help you out by saying what NOT to buy this Christmas.

Think about who you are buying for

For example, I am a married, stay at home mother to 4 boys.

Think about how appropriate they would find the gift

I would like a calendar for Christmas – but as I have 4 children to plan for I don’t want one with tiny boxes that I can’t write anything on.

Seems men are opting for Purple underwear for Christmas instead of redΒ (source) – forget it I don’t want to open sexy underwear Christmas day – and especially as I open my presents in front of the kids!!! It’s a present for the buyer not the receiver!

Things I shall never have time to use – a foot spa, a back massager – all very nice in theory but when will they ever come out of the box?

Things for the kitchen


I don’t care how much time I spend in there domestic appliances are an absolute NO. And YES I do need a new iron but I don’t want it as a present.

You know perfume is nice – but I still have a million bottles with stuff left in them.

Body lotion – again do you know how much of it I have.

What would you add on to the list of things not to buy?

11 thoughts on “What not to buy this Christmas”

  1. I love it! I nipped most of Mr Married Mans suggestions in the bud. Perfume was one of them! I have loads of bottles I don’t use already, I wear one perfume and stick to it. He doesn’t seem to understand this. A glare, and he got the point πŸ˜‰


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