Why you should be careful

Which letter you are learning?

This week it is the turn of I or i and I planned to learn about insects, to go outside and look under rocks, and bits of wood etc.

Instead we ended up with an



He fell off such a small wall and ended up with a dinner fork break in his arm. They have operated to straighten it and it’s now in plaster. But no swimming or football lessons for a while now. He has been incredibly brave and the nice staff at the local hospital gave him the bear in the photo (which he has called Mario).

Previously we had made an insect that also covered identical (which I explained meant the same)


We started by painting the letter i


Then we painted our hands


We used a recycled jam jar to clean our brushes in between colours.


We then placed our hands on one side to make a wing


Then we folded the paper over on top of the wing so that it printed an identical wing on the opposite side of the i body.

I decided that to demonstrate more about what identical meant we would play a game of dominoes




And then we made a letter I out of the dominoes.


As I say careful which letter you learn because then something I could only describe as ICE fell from the sky! (Well I could call it other stuff but it wouldn’t fit with my theme.


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  1. You come up with some great activities for your letter learning 🙂 Hope your little one is doing ok with his arm, thankfully kids are so resilient! And thanks for sharing on Happy Family Times!!


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