The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time – by Mark Haddon

This is a must read book for anyone wanting an introduction into Asperger’s Syndrome.

I first read this book as a parent of a child waiting to see if he would be diagnosed as having Aspergers.

The book is ingeniously written in the first person by Christopher – a 15-year-old lad with Aspergers;  to try to understand how the mind of a teenager with Aspergers may work differently to that of one who does not.

It starts at the end with chapter 2 and then he explains how it runs in prime numbers – because he likes them. He flits from place to place in the story – littering the chapters with random thoughts that may seem to be irrelevant or not really next in the order of things – but are actually very important. He tells us how he relies on others like in chapter 3 where it is clear that Siobhan has been trying to teach him about emotions.

It shows about how sometimes he doesn’t want to be touched. And what alternatives his family use; for example when his dad goes to the police station and fans out his hand so that Christopher has control over the touching, and he knows it means that his dad loves him. How kind and sensitive he is – when he is hugging the bleeding dog – and how others may perceive this differently and shout and scare him if they didn’t understand things from his perspective. He shows how when asked about something he tries to explain it as fully as possible.

As a parent it was good to identify that some of the things were the same for my son – he did not like reading anything other than fiction; his humour was different because although he understood why jokes should be funny he just didn’t naturally “get it”. The fact that he cannot tell lies (or very well anyway). When he has something in his mind (like who killed the dog) he just will not let it go.

It’s a book you just wont want to put down and you will fall in love with the main character. I thoroughly recommend it.

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