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I think November is a good month to think about good causes, it doesn’t have to mean giving (financially) to others but if you can it can make a huge difference. I think November is far enough away from Christmas to be able to plan for good causes too. We always buy presents for donation – there was a scheme at my husband’s work last year where you took a tag that told you who the present was for (girl aged 7-11 years, for example). Plus we always buy a gift to put in the collection points at the Christmas Charity Collection points in supermarkets, it was with great sadness that last year I learnt that people STEAL from them and therefore the collection point had to be moved. Over on Festive Friday at Thinly Spread, Chris also thinks about charity when considering Christmas and shares with us information about Save the Children’s operation Wish List.

Education matters - kids readingEmma at Emmaand3 shares with the importance of education and what we can do to help. That just reading with your children can make a difference. You can really make reading fun. Christmas is such a great time to give the gift of reading, and you can include dressing up costumes from books as presents.

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We took our youngest two to see a Squash and a Squeeze Exhibition and they had a great time,, it was really interact with books, dressing up, props, toys, colouring in, puzzles, plenty of mirrors, Lego – oh lots of things. We then took them to see Birmingham library. If your children do not have a large attention span (like my youngest) then keep reading brief. We have books with short stories, or lots of pictures, magazines are also good.

I am going to be hosting Book Reviews so that an opportunity is given to find a book just perfect for you and your family – please do get in touch if you would have a review (no duplicate content please) that you would like me to host – for adults or children but of a family nature please, then do get in touch.

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Remembrance Sunday Poppy Day

Remembrance day is November 11th and you can donate as little as 20p for a Poppy to remember the members of the armed forces who have given their lives for us in the line of duty. I’m proud that my middle two boys (ages 10 and 6) will be taking part in the remembrance parade (Cub and Beaver Scouts) but sad that I will miss it (as I am staying in London after Blogfest).

OneHandMan shares with us that this week is National Adoption Week (4-10th November) and what you can do to help. Annie over on Mammasaurus shares with us the news that IKEA have a soft toy for education campaign, which supports UNICEF and Save the Children. I think this would be a good way to get in a few stocking fillers or indeed presents and at the same time help a good cause – and who doesn’t like an excuse to visit IKEA right?

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And of course not forgetting you can support TEAM HONK for Sports Relief.

Motivational Monday


I realise we are all busy that is why the linky is up for a week – giving you plenty of time to comment on some of the other entries. We need to build a community spirit and help one another. Ideally one a day would be amazing – but even 3 a week would help motivate someone else. Thank you.

November theme is GOOD CAUSES

It is just a guide and can be to do with crafts, days out, photos, achievements, favourite things – anything.

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12 thoughts on “Good Causes #MotivationalMonday”

  1. My daughter’s school starts putting together several care packages in November, including a shoe box appeal for children in Eastern Europe, and care packages for the elderly in our town. Not November, but we always donate to charity on Christmas day. After opening presents we all crowd around the computer and choose the charity and talk about how this will help. I make it sound boring, it’s actually quite fun and a tradition the kids all look forward to now.

  2. November is a great month for good causes as you have just demonstrated, lots of amazing good things going on above. Thanks for bringing them to my attention! 🙂

  3. Always ways to help others, it be a donation or extra food in your trolley, to giving a homeless person a cup of tea on a cold day, a great post x

  4. What a lovely way to start off the week – well end the first day of the week in my case. Just what I needed to read to put a positive edge on the day.


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