Beano Annual 2014 – 75 Years of Laughter #Review

I was sent a review copy of the Beano Annual 2014 which celebrates 75 years old laughter. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without an annual if you ask me. Even I got a Justin Bieber one last year (can you believe they were selling them off for 20p after Christmas!). Anyway I digress. Reading is such an important life skill and we are lucky that we are provided with a free education to help us learn it. Annuals provide short bursts of reading, games, puzzles, and jokes. I grew up in a house surrounded by books, comics, magazines and newspapers and always encouraged to read, Christmas was a time when you could guarantee you’d receive some new material.

Beano Annual 2014 75 years of laughter

The Beano comic has entertained children of all ages since it launched on 30th July 1938 – and so what a lovely gift to give the 2014 Annual. What I love about it is that the same memorable characters as still there – Dennis the Menace, Minnie the minx, Roger the Dodger – which means it really helps bridge the generation gap. There’s nothing worse than taking the children to see the grandparents (and great grandparents) and them asking them questions about what they got at Christmas and not just understanding each other. Technology has advanced so quickly of late so it is not surprising that the olds have never heard of SkylandersSWAPForce. But with the Beano is brings common ground. There is actually a section in there called The Beano Classics to help with this – with Pansy Potter and Lord Snooty.

The Beano Annual 2014 - 75 years of laughter

Both my 10 and 6 year olds really enjoyed the Beano Annual 2014, which I feel is a very boyish comic book – with “revolting rhymes,” “Ball Boy – He’s football crazy” and plenty of pranks like “The jelly juice prank.” There are different sections of jokes and even I found Gnasher’s Howlers funny (I am a very serious person don’t you know) – “Why do dogs wag their tails? Because nobody else will do it for them!” I’m not saying that this will not appeal to girls though and there are female characters throughout – such as Kylie in the revolting rhymes.

The Beano Annual 2014 75 years of laughter

I was very impressed with the thickness of the book, and the quality of the images. This really will keep your child (or husband/grandfather/father-in-law/great grandfather) entertained for a good while. I would recommend you buy an annual this Christmas and if you know someone who enjoys things revolting and pranks you won’t go far wrong with a copy of The Beano Annual 2014.

RRP £7.99
ISBN: 978-1-84535-508-1

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I received a copy of The Beano Annual 2014 in order to review it, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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