Wise Man TRH & Peace at Last Day 9

For me it is important that my children know about the Nativity Story, the birth of Jesus and so on, even though we are not religious. I feel that Christmas is not just about receiving presents and it is an important message that children should learn. Of course it is more about presents all together but it is better to give than to receive. The most famous givers in the Nativity were the three men (also known as the three kings) – who travelled following the Star in order to meet Jesus when he was born.

wise man trh craft or king

So for day 9 of our Christmas TRH Book Advent the TRH craft is a wise man. To make our Wise man (or King) we painted our toilet roll holder (TRH) one colour (green), and then used white paper to make a face (we drew around the TRH to make a circle). We then used some sticker eyes (they were actually for monsters!) and eyebrows. We added cotton wool for a beard and hair; then drew the rest of the face with felt tips. We made a crown with foil by cutting off a strip long enough to go around the top of the TRH and then cut out triangles. After gluing it on we attached some sticky-backed gems. Finally we made him a coat out of tissue paper (that matched the colour of his eyes) and just pulled it around him, securing it with glue. You could also use fabric instead of tissue paper – I was actually looking for scraps of old clothing, as we had recently had a sort out ready for new Christmas clothes/winter wear.

You could make 3 different Wise men/Kings one for each of 3 days during your advent calendar. I was originally inspired by RedTedArt’s Crowns but must have subconsciously remembered her 3 Kings Craft from Easter.

Peace at Last Jill Murphy

Personally I don’t see how they were wise all travelling and not getting some sleep – unlike the Daddy bear in today’s book, “Peace at last by Jill Murphy.” Daddy bear knows how important sleep is, if I do not get enough sleep I tell you I am like a bear! But poor Daddy bear does not get any sleep, because there is just too much noise going on around him. By the time he does manage to get to sleep then it is time to get up again.

I love so many things about this book that it has been a favourite for a long time. I am not the only one with over 1 million copies sold worldwide since it was first published in 1980 by Macmillan Children’s Books. Of course good illustrations are a key component in such a young child’s book and I really like how the facial expressions really convey the emotions. But I also like the subtle adult messages – such as the fact that baby bear is staying up until his parents both go to bed, and why is daddy bear going to the living room when he discovers that baby is still awake rather than settling him to sleep?

The Christmas Collection

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16 thoughts on “Wise Man TRH & Peace at Last Day 9”

  1. Loving the Wise Man – a bit Noel Feilding-esque in the face too! I am being asked to make shepherds at the moment, Ozzy is obsessed since being told he’s going to be one in the school Nativity!

  2. That wise man is excellent – fantastic – well done you for the inspiration no matter where it came from 😀 We haven’t heard of that book I am afraid, by the sounds of it; we must be one of the few that haven’t. I can definitely relate to Daddy Bear though 😉

  3. I wish I could get into craft – I seem to have a fear of it. Love the sound of that book – we love reading in this house.
    Liska xx

  4. We don’t have nativity plays at our international school, something that always makes me slightly sad… Thank you for the reminder of the Three Wise Men, I love this advent calendar idea…

  5. Love the wise men – such a simple idea and we have that book too. It is one of the bedtime faves but I wish it would influence them to sleep past 6am lol

  6. I’m all for creative use of toilet roll tubes & the wise man looks great 🙂
    I’ve not read Peace at Last, it looks lovely. I’m going to look for it in the library for my boy xx

  7. I completely agree with you, religious or not, Christmas is about Christ and I think it’s so important to teach our children the history of what we are celebrating.
    I love your wise man!
    Have a great weekend,

  8. As you know I’m Pagan so I teach my kids the origins of Christmas.It’s a difficult subject to approach as history and fact seem to have been glossed over.I’m glad my kids go to a school where the Nativity isn’t taken too seriously.

  9. I love your wise man! I agree also about the Christmas message needs to not just be about presents! We are not religious but I think it’s important if we are celebrating a religious festival to explain the meaning and stories behind it! x


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