Turkey TRH Craft – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

It is pretty hard not to notice that this week is Thanksgiving – and as we traditionally eat Turkeys on Christmas day too I thought it would be fitting to make a turkey with the children. I do not know who first had this idea but I have seen it all over the internet and have some pinned on my Christmas TRH board. I do like craft that involves holding memories of my children being small – in this case the size of their hands – as they will have grown by next year.

Turkey toilet roll holder craft

Another simple craft – simply paint the toilet roll holder brown, then we drew around a hand and cut it out on top of lots of layers of brown paper. Once we had the brown hands we placed them on top of one another like a fan and then secured them together. This was then the tail and attached to the back of the TRH. We used some big googly eyes and some more of the brown paper for a beak. We used some red tissue paper for its head hair and then another bit for the turkey’s wattle.

We're going on a bear hunt

Today’s book is “We’re going on a Bear Hunt”

It is a lovely book and for me it reminds me of CountryKids in that the whole family get together and get outdoors. I could quite see us going on our own bear hunt (maybe in the Summer to wade through water like in the book). It also very fondly reminds me of the wonderful Gruffalo Hunts over at MummyMishaps.

The book itself also has lots of nice repetition throughout and the family being brave to try new things, and to carry on. But at the end I think it shows an important message that it is okay to be afraid of certain things.

11 thoughts on “Turkey TRH Craft – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”

  1. awwwww thank you so much for the mention 🙂
    i have not done a bear hunt yet but we do have the book and maybe next year we will read it agian and re-enact it with some cuddly bears
    the turkey hands craft is really good – it will be wonderful to look back on and remember that once those ha ds were that small

  2. Yay !! More toilet roll holder crafts – if only I could interest my boisterous toddler in making things instead of chucking them around I’d love to do this with him. It looks very cute.

    Love Bear Hunt – and Michael Rosen once commented on a post a wrote about him – he’s ever so friendly you know :o)

  3. such a great book! I have a odd relationship with turkeys, my family ancestors are the ones that brought them to the UK originally…but I’m a vegetarian haha! x

  4. Love the bear hunt, a favourite when mine were young, thank you for the lovely mention, I’m so touched that the book reminds you of Country Kids and I do agree no one tells the Gruffalo better than Mummy Mishaps!


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