Day 12 Donkey Goodnight Little One

Goodnight little one

Goodnight Little One (by Margaret Wise Brown £5.99) is particularly good for children who do not want to go to sleep, or need some gentle help to. It is essentially saying that everyone and everything is now closing their eyes and going to sleep. Beautifully illustrated by Rebecca Elliott and the words are really poetic (with rhyming couplets). It is a very simple and short book – good for the young or those with a short attention span (or just because you’d like a quick story).

Donkey toilet roll holder craft

As the book starts with a lovely little donkey, and the donkey plays such an important part in the Nativity story, we thought that we too would make a donkey for our Christmas TRH Book Advent. First we painted our toilet roll holder  grey (actually I painted over a red one and it gave it a really good texture like fur I think). We also cut out two ears from card and painted the middle pink (I used a really bright pink otherwise it didn’t show up, alternatively I think crayon would be a good idea), and round the edges grey. Then it was simply a case of sticky on the ears, googly eyes, some teeth (cut from white paper) and some bits of paper (from packaging) for hair between his ears. We also drew some holes for his nose and a smile for his mouth.

And a sneaky peek into Monday’s post we also made Donkey hats.

Christmas dressing up ideas for children

Do you have any Donkey related Crafts, activities or stories to share?

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