Day 13: Christmas TRH Advent Bauble and Stick Man #GuestReview

Unlucky for some number 13 of our Christmas TRH Book Advent – let’s keep it simple and not too messy – so we decided to go for a Bauble. It was an idea I had seen to make a Christmas decoration that involved fastenings that I knew we didn’t have (my son tried to make a pumpkin at Halloween). This is when I thought I’d see if it would work as a toilet roll holder (TRH) craft. Simply take your colour paper of choice and cut strips out that are long enough to stick to the top and bottom of the TRH and some to allow it to bounce out a bit. I don’t think it matters whether the strips are the same width or not but I tried to roughly match them up. Then simply stick each one to the top and bottom, spreading them out as you go around.
bauble craft made simple
Today we have a Guest post from the lovely Lizzie from Me and My Shadow who is kindly sharing with us the Stick Man. You may remember that we missed out on this trial when we went to Go Ape, and we also heard a bit about it when we went to the Squash and a Squeeze Exhibition in Birmingham.

A slightly lesser known book than her others, The Stick Man by Julia Donaldson is perfect Christmas time reading.  It’s enjoying something of a renaissance at the moment too with a West End show and trails across Forestry Commission sites nationwide.

For me, Donaldson and Scheffler are the ideal partnership – like Dahl and Blake – instantly recognisable and perfectly paired.

Much like The Gruffalo, this book has drama and suspense as you wait to see if the Stick Man will escape the clutches of those who’ve mistaken him for a mere twig.  Will he ever be reunited with his family in the family tree?

Her words bounce along rhythmically and with familiar repetition so young audiences can chime along too. We love following his adventure, and learning about all the different ways we use wood in our lives.

And of course, the appearance of a certain jolly man in a red suit is the icing on the cake for a Christmas book!

Read about the  Stickman trail over on Mummy Mummy Mum

This is a guest post for which no financial compensation has been received.

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