Cattle Country Adventure Park 2014

Berkeley’s Cattle Country Adventure Park is one of those places that we visit year after year. Cattle Country has a good mixture of indoor and outdoor activities which cater for the needs of a range of children’s ages. 2014 has seen some changes with the brand new beach barn and the interactive park map. We visited on the last weekend that the ice skating rink was open (until next autumn) and were pleasantly surprised to find that it was free.

cattle country interactive map

Indoor Activities at Cattle Country

Ice Skating Rink

The ice skating rink was a nice change, and due to the fact it was not actually ice made it easier for all six of us to take to the “ice” at once. Due to the time of year there was no-one else so we had it completely to ourselves.

The boots were provided and there was a lady supervising behind a desk. There were lots of benches to sit down and change your shoes, but she did not take your shoes so not sure how chaotic this would have been if it were busier.

cattle country ice skating

The floor was like a kind of wax and you could not move about by what I’d call skating. However, as I say it was free, there were penguins to hold onto and I think it gave the children more confidence. It was still possible to slip over, but a lot less likely.

Indoor Play Barns at Cattle Country

There are 2 play barns with slides, soft play, and climbing apparatus. The barn nearest to the entrance has a “death slide” which is possibly the most famous thing about Cattle Country. It is accessible through the shop or opposite the restaurant. The slides have someone supervising them at the bottom but not the top. Last year my four year old son went down the “death slide” face first and burnt it – let’s say he was not brave enough to go on it again this year.

cattle country death slide

The second barn is slightly less adventurous, this time with the bottom of the slide having a lot of balls at the bottom. There are also two tube slides – one of which is very dark inside and reminded me of the waterslide at Butlins (very scary for me as I got stuck!).

The Beach Barn

New for 2104 is the new beach barn.

cattle country sand barn

This is an undercover sand area, which has deck chairs for the parents to sit on. It is opposite the undercover picnic area, which I think is a good job as I cannot see there being enough deck chairs for the parents in high season.

cattle country sand barn

It has been well decorate, with pictures of a beach scene on the walls.


There were a nice selection of buckets/spades, and play equipment for the children.

cattle country sand barn
beach barn cattle country

Other Indoor Activities at Cattle Country

Other indoor activities available during our visit were the Arts and Crafts and Meet the Guinea Pig – but we did not see either as they were at certain times.

Outdoor Activities at Cattle Country

Play areas

One of my boy’s favourite outdoor parts of Cattle Country is the play Berkeley Castle.


They love nothing better than to run around, play tag, and hide from one another. Also around the area are many climbing frames, slides, trampolines, a high zip wire, tyres, and swings. There is also an outdoor pool but this was not open due to the season.

cattle country outdoor slide
cattle country tyre swing

Photos and Bouncy Pillows

I had not previously noticed the put your head in the hole photo opportunity next to the bouncing pillows.

cattle country photo

The pillows are split into two age groups, the under fours and the over fours. As you can see from my photo they are very bouncy and fun for all ages.

cattle country bouncing pillows

Train and animals

There are animals dotted about but to really see the majority it is best to get the train, or walk down to where it goes. There is a charge for the train. We did not go on the train because it took too long to arrive.

The Climbing Net

Everyone was allowed on the climbing net but under 18s have to have an adult present to say that they can go on. I was really impressed with how high my 6 year old got (yeah I was chicken and stayed on the ground taking photos). When we had originally gone on the climbing net (see I have tried it once) there was a charge, but it is all free now. I was super proud that my oldest son, husband and 10 year old all managed to get up and over (through the hole).


The Willow Maze

An easier part of the day was finding our way through the willow maze into the centre. It really is simple and the boys have done it so many times before that it was more like a race.

cattle country willow trail

Boating Lake

Again another activity included in the price is the canoe boats. Someone over 18 years old needs to be in the boat, with no more than 4 people in the boat at one time. Each person then has an oar each and you just get to go around until you are called back over.  I felt either really unfit or that this was great exercise for my arms!


Our Verdict

The children are always happy to return to Cattle Country every year. When we asked them if they wanted a season ticket though they said that if they came too often then it would be boring. As a family of 6 entry cost us less than £50 (we booked online and had no vouchers which are usually available), and we consider this pretty good value for money for a day out. We took a picnic and there are plenty of areas provided to eat, alternatively there is a restaurant.

There could be somewhere to put recycling, but we just took ours home with us. We were disappointed that there were no ice-creams for sale, as the weather was particularly sunny, but guess they did not anticipate that for the time of year. We liked the new beach barn for our younger children, but I’m not so sure how well it will cope with the high season. You do generally need to exit via the shop, which could make this more difficult for some parents to leave without spending more money.

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  1. I’ve not heard of this park before. It looks like a really fun place for the family, especially active boys! Thank you for sharing your experience there. I shall have to go and find out about it now. 🙂

  2. We live near cattle country and usually go once a year when it is warm enough to dom swimsuits for a paddle in the paddling pool bit ( the girls that is not me) Always a lovely day out picnicing on the grass and going nuts in the soft play, nice to know some of the activities are now free.

  3. Places like this are great with all the variety of activities especially if it is not too busy. Sounds like you all had a great family day out. #CountryKids

  4. Wow what a lot of activities and equipment they have to keep the whole family entertained! I bet the children (and adults) were exhausted but happy at the end of the day, I really do like the idea of the net and the castle in particular, Thanks for linking up and sharing your outdoor fun with Country Kids.

  5. Wow, that place looks awesome! So much to see and do, something for all ages too. I would have loved that as a kid – in fact, I’d love it now! When I see posts on places like this it does make me sometimes wish we still had our family car so we could do more days out to places like this. I can’t complain though, it’s not as if there’s nothing to do in London!

  6. the place looks amazing, and al included in ith the entry fee, great value for money. A huge well done on the cargo net, not sure you would have got me on it either, going up is fine, I struggle with coming down.
    A nice mix of indoors and outdoors. (returning your comment, over from country kids)

  7. Wow! This place looks amazing (if not a bit scary, eeek!) Thanks for sharing at the Outdoor Play Party 🙂


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