Lego Photography Wyldstyle

Lego Photography with Wyldstyle was inspired by Eurovision winner bearded lady Austrian drag queen Conchita Wurst. I simply changed Wyldstyle’s head to one with a bit of facial hair, she is also wearing sunglasses as we were venturing into the garden on a hot day.

Lego Photography Wyldestyle

My family and I have become more and more into playing with Lego since watching The Lego Movie. I have been really inspired by the Lego Photography around and wanted to try to create some images myself. In order to do this I thought that I could do with some tips so visited the Love All Blogs Better Photo Project. This week Annie suggested that we try taking 20 shots of the same object, having no 2 the same. It was due to previous advice about there being better lighting outside that I took Wyldstyle into the garden.

Lego Photography Wyldestyle

Lego Photography Wyldstyle – Tips:

I discovered that it can take hundreds of shots to get the right picture.

Lighting can make such a difference.

Lego are like people – you can move them into different positions. Action shots I find more interesting than a Lego person standing straight facing the camera.

Lego Photography Wyldestyle

A shot you had in mind might work better afterwards by  simply cropping it and shifting the focus.

Just changing a small piece of the Lego can really make a difference.

A tiny movement in angle can make a difference – such as whether the shadow of the figure is picked up or not, and how much light appears on the face.

The right environment can make your photo – carry some Minifigures around so you do not miss out on an opportunity to grab the perfect shot.

You can focus on different body parts.

Lego Photography Wyldestyle

If your Lego Minifigure falls over in the position you want you can use some blue tac, a Lego board or hold them in place (using some clever editing afterwards).

Tilt the camera – angles give dynamic shots.

Lego Photography Wyldestyle

Try close-ups and distances shots.

Showing just a small part of the Lego figure from behind gives a good impression of what a Minifigure’s perspective of the World is like.

Please if you have any other tips I would love to hear them.

22 thoughts on “Lego Photography Wyldstyle”

  1. I saw the photos on instagram too! We’ve just had some lego for my youngest birthday, so I shall give her a camera, and see what she comes up with!

  2. So many people keep going on about the lego movie but we haven’t had a chance to watch it yet…. anyway, I had no idea that lego photos were becoming the latest craze either or you’ve just started one :o) Loving that first photograph!

  3. This post made me chuckle purely because of the LEGO character’s face. I’m not entirely sure what amuses me about it – probably the itsy stubbly beard and crazy hair. I so need to get me one of those!

  4. Such a good idea! I’m going to stick a mini figure in my handbag from now on so that I can take advantage of any good shots that present themselves! x

  5. Lego photography looks fun, I think I could be tempted to give it a go! I used to play with Lego a lot when I was a kid, and I’m really looking forward to playing with it again with my kid, once he’s old enough – which will be a while since he’s not even been born yet!


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