Teksta Scorpion

Teksta Robotic Scorpion from Character Online is the new wireless action, interactive robotic toy that can pick things up with a tilt of the hand.  The new motion control technology uses a tilt sensor remote control attached to a pad that can be strapped to your hand. The Scorpion’s precise moves go forward, reverse, stop, left and right. Or you can grab things or battle with other Scorpion’s (up to 6 at one time!)

Teksta Scorpion

Unpacking the Teksta Scorpion

The Teksta Scorpion was really easy to unbox but unfortunately requires batteries that are not provided (4 X AA and 2 X AAA). I think this is something to keep in mind if it is being bought as a Christmas present. One of the legs came off whilst removing from the packaging but easily clipped back on.

Use of the Teksta Scorpion

The Teksta Scorpion was really easy to use by simply switching on the handset and Scorpion. It was really responsive and walked easily over our laminate floor. We were unable to get the Scorpion to open its claws using the remote and had to open them with our hands. Once it grabbed the target it held on and moved it well.

Teksta Scorpion

Playability of the Teksta Scorpion

What I most liked about this new Scorpion is that it isn’t just a remote control toy, and not just one that is operated by hand either, but the fact that the design of using a Scorpion gives the new dimension of grabbing and fighting. I always find that toys where my boys can play together go down well. They come in red or bronze so my two younger boys can have a different colour each, without arguing about whose is whose. I liked how it was easy to use and only required the batteries putting in and no other assembly. It does not take up a lot of room to store (size is 28.2 x 14.8 x 25.6cm) and would be easy to travel with.

Teksta Scorpion

The Teksta Scorpion is not suitable for children under 3 years old and recommended for those ages 5 and over. It is a gender neutral toy.

RRP £39.99

Available from Character Online and all good retailers

I was sent a Teksta Scorpion for free for purposes of review. All words are honest and my own.

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  1. The Teksta Scorpion looks like a great toy – what fun! POD saw a remote control car recently for the first time and was fascinated with it! Hope you’re good, look forward to catching up in Devon x


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