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I hear the same story every year about how couples should not just show they care on Valentine’s Day but do it all year round. But let’s be honest life can get pretty busy and sometimes some couples just forget to tell each other how amazing they are. Or maybe they have shown their appreciation of one another that much they’ve just run out of ideas. Date Box UK, a start-up business based in the Cotswolds, England, are aiming to reignite relationships with their monthly subscription box and I was sent one to see what I thought.

Our relationship is not something we take for granted but we are busy with life (3 boys still at home, cooking, cleaning, working, etc) and a lot of the time we are so exhausted just cuddling up and watching the television is all we have the energy for. I liked the idea of having a surprise to give us inspiration of things we could simply slip back into our lives again to ensure that we know that each other isn’t taking the other for granted.

Date Box UK February Italian

This month the theme is Italian, which I was told in an e-mail that also told me that my parcel was on its way (plus that I needed to open it ASAP as there was something to refrigerate). The idea is to surprise my husband with this romantic night in – all delivered to my door.

Inside the February Date Box were the ingredients to make a cheese and tomato pizza, some cards to remind each other what we first liked about each other, and one to say how amazing the other is. There is also instructions on what to do, things we will need – and a rather fun pair of paper chefs hats and moustaches. See I really liked that because if I had thought of an idea about making pizza I wouldn’t have added the hats and moustaches but that really adds an element of fun to the “date.”

Verdict of Date Box UK February Italian

I thought that the box was fun, easy to make time for and a great way of letting one another know what it is you like about the other. We have been married for 13 years this year and always tell each other we love one another every day, but taking some special time out just to tell the other why they are so amazing I can see as a really good idea. I am not really ecstatic about calling it a “date” but if it is a way of coming up with creative ways of spending time together then why not.

The contents were well packaged, however my pizza cutter broke during transit. Date Box UK offered to replace this immediately. In fact I hadn’t even contacted them yet, just Tweeted my unboxing video. I think that it is great customer service and really important.

Date Box UK can deliver to anywhere in the UK and there’s no commitment to the lengthy subscription.  You can cancel at any time.

Date Box UK

One off Date Box £27.99

Monthly Subscription £24.99

Twitter: @TheDateBoxUK


This item was sent for review. No other financial incentive has been given. All words and opinions are honest and my own.


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