Fortnite Royale Ultimate Winner’s Guide Book

Fortnite is possibly the biggest game of the year. The survival game developed by Epic Games now has a book for beginners, which also contains advanced information for experienced players. The guide from Carlton Books helps with building, surviving and wining the Fortnite Game with information on Battle Royale and Save the World modes.Fortnite Royale Ultimate Winner’s Guide Book

The book begins with a double contents page, explaining about finding the hidden golden loot llama within the pages, and goes on to explain that gamers can play against those of different ages from around the world, and can communicate with in-game chat and voice chat (which can be turned off). There is later a double page spread on other safety information including language filters, making sure that others can hear what is going on, passwords, usernames, time, chat, and bad language plus how to report other player’s behaviour.fortnite facts

Beginners Guide to Fortnite

For beginners there is a double page spread of fourteen things you need to know; which is a good introduction to the game. It then goes on to explain about some different skins that you can buy with the in-game currency (V-Bucks) but that these are purely cosmetic. The next two pages teach you about controls and how/where to practice.  Next it explains about the map and why each part can be useful. It also explains that the map can change from season to season (we are currently on season 6 and the picture is from season 5).

Next is a double page spread on guns – explaining the different types, how easy they are to find and the damage they can do, plus how to heal. Followed by some basic tips (such as taking the high-ground, setting a trap, not firing too early, and staying in the storm).

Then there’s some beginners do’s and don’ts including practical tips about life in and out of the game in regards playing. Followed by essential Fortnite words and phrases.

Advanced Fortnite Tips

Now that the basics are covered such as where and how to land; how to survive the storm; building skills; master weapons (and the different types); looking for loot; advanced battle tips and close-up combat. Next there is information on traps, specials and secrets (which covers new updates), getting together in a team (including communication tips), and in-game extras.

fortnite skinsPacked with facts – such as did you know that in 2018 fans were invited to show off their best dance moves (you may be familiar with The Floss!). The top 100 received prizes and the number one had theirs turned into an emote in the game!

Save the World

Currently Save the World is available to purchase for early access but will be available free by the end of the year. The book explains about how strange monsters threaten the world and the basics on Fortnite Save the World. Including top tips, about the monsters, strategies and tips; plus crafting and building, and weapons. The book finishes with Epic Save the World tips, a section for recording faves and facts and an emote checklist.Save the World Characters

  • Kevin Pettman
  • Age 11+
  • £8.99
  • ISBN: 978-178739-213-7

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  1. I love watching the grandchildren do the floss because they try to get me to do it and we end up having lots of fun and giggles 🙂

  2. My daughter Lola loves the Floss. She is only 5 and can’t do it properly but it makes me smile every time she attempts it. The one that she can do well is the Loser dance.

  3. my daughter loves the floss and has been trying to teach me for a month or so – i am no better now than I was at the start!!

  4. My sons favourite is the floss and he is always doing it and really good at it. However when my nephew who is only 18 months old does it he is not so good but so cute


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