Beautiful Brueton parkrun – Celebrating Event 650

We went along to Brueton parkrun 650th event. There were chocolates at the end but didn’t know where their Brueton parkrun sign was! Being in Solihull though (next door to Birmingham for those not familiar with the area) it did give us a chance to visit family. This is another parkrun close to the NEC and Birmingham Airport..

Brueton parkrun map

Things to Know Visiting Brueton parkrun For The First Time


Using the SatNav we found Brueton parkrun easily. There was plenty of parking and we took our free ticket (which gives you three hours free parking).

carpark Brueton parkrun

Finding the Start

There wasn’t a sign directly from the car park we were in, nor were there any marshals. However, there’s a clear explanation on the parkrun page saying where to meet and plenty of people heading that way. As you go into the park there are also some signs.

to the start sign at Brueton parkrun


There are also signs saying event in progress 9-9:45 – which is a little off-putting I fear for slower runners. Luckily there seemed to not be a cut off, more to warn other park users that it may be busier at those times.

parkrun in progress sign

Other signs of note were a first timers – which was next to a tree where the briefing took place; and a reminder not to take the finishing tokens home!


There are no toilets in the park by the start.

We went on a sunny day but there was a tent to store your belongings.

belongs tent at Brueton parkrun

McDonalds was a 10 minute walk away – we did not go to this one however.

Course at Brueton parkrun

Brueton parkrun is set in a beautiful location. Definitely one to revisit as it changes through the seasons.

spring at Brueton parkrun

The start is on a small amount of grass, there’s a tiny bit of grass at the finish – otherwise the course is all tarmac paths.

course at Brueton parkrun with tail walkers

It is an easy to follow clear two lap course. Mostly flat but a small incline – which you actually do three times as the start is just before it and it the finish is just after it.

I think as long as you manage to start in a good position then this has the potential to be a fast course.

Experience of Brueton parkrun As a Jeffer

The first timers briefing did not start until 8:55. This was clear, as was the main briefing.

Brueton parkrun first timers briefing

By the time we were told to get in finish position order everyone else had already lined up. This meant that we had to start at the back. It was really slow to start and difficult to get passed people. No-one was really keeping to the left because it was just moving too slowly for us all.

Despite this I did manage to Jeff (a run/walk technique) and even managed to sprint the small uphill finish.

Later, when it spread out a little, I was unsure whether the left was the left of the pedestrian lane or actually in the cycle lane (which was on the left-hand side)

Stats for Brueton parkrun 650th Event

There were 503 participants at Brueton parkrun’s 650th event. They ranged from 16:52 to 1:13:53. With 296 people completing it in sub 30.

The average time by event 650 was 28:39.

There were 60 PBs and 23 first timers to parkrun.

Brueton parkrun 650th event stats

Local parkruns I have also covered include Oaklands (4.7m), Babbs Mill (5.8m), Aston Hall (8.4m), Arrow Valley (9.8m)

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