Molluscum Contagiosium #HealthHop

Health hop

When you have had four children I think you get a general idea about whether to take your child to see a doctor or not. If it’s nothing serious then it’s usually more faff than it’s worth organising everything and everyone to get to the appointment. Then there’s a matter of will they need to … Read more

Homeless at Sixteen

I have been inspired to write this post following the news of the death of Maya Angelou, an inspirational woman. Please be aware that this post deals with some issues of a sensitive nature and some readers may find them upsetting. The first time I really felt that I took control of my life was … Read more

Light at the end of the Tunnel

Some days are dark and you cannot find your way. Sometimes you wish that someone would shine a flash light and just give you a helping hand. When the help does not appear and you think what is the point, lying in the dark hoping that death will come. But even death is not your … Read more

Asthma dangerous?

asthma dangerous

There has been a lot in the news lately about people not taking their asthma seriously. I have to put my hands up and say I probably am one of those statistics. Is it really dangerous and I seriously need to get my act together or is it a lot of hype about nothing? Growing … Read more

Anxiety – Mental Health Awareness Week 2014

anxiety awareness 2014

Anxiety can present itself as a phobia, a state that individuals constantly find themselves in, or something so chronic that is can result in an inability to hold down a regular job or maintain long-term relationships with friends, partners and family. The six main anxiety disorders are specific phobias, social phobias, panic disorder, generalised anxiety … Read more

Bibs Shortlist 2014 Health

small changes to diet

I am absolutely thrilled to have been Shortlisted for the category of Health in the BiB Awards (Brilliance in Blogging) 2014. You know I had wanted votes for my new blog TheSensorySeeker for Health as that is where I have started to write my posts about disability issues so they are easier to find. I … Read more

Small Changes to Diet #MotivationalMonday

small changes to diet

The worst thing you can do to try to lose weight is by making changes that are too big. For me the calorie counting was too much. There is no way I can cope with cutting back on my cider and chocolate (well maybe a little). So I needed to have a rethink. What I learnt … Read more

Emily Louise Slough Rugeley Mass Feed

tandem feeding

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was sat on a toilet floor breastfeeding my baby. Obviously because it was such a horrid place to be I didn’t feed him for long, and rushed him through his feed. I feel terribly guilty that this was the story of his newborn life. At 4 months … Read more