Help for the Aging Lady

help for the aging lady

Getting older is something that inevitably happens to us all. Whilst I would not want to go back and relive puberty I think that is much better than growing old. I mean there’s plenty of warning and everyone knows roughly when it is going to happen. Let’s be honest, as hard as it was, it … Read more

Adult Micro Scooters Benefits

adult scooter

The kids loving taking their bikes and scooters on the school run. I love it too, as I know they are getting exercise first thing, it helps with their gross motor skills and spatial awareness. And well really, it just gets them to move! Instead of dragging their heels and me yelling at them. Problem … Read more

Coca-Cola pledges to reduce sugar

coca cola pledges

After watching this weeks JunkFoodKids I thought I would talk about sugar and one of my favourite companies Coca-Cola. I was sent this promotional information but have not been paid and just wanted to share it. We tend to have “treats” in moderation and not as a norm. 25% of mums feel overloaded and confused … Read more

Change4Life Sugar Swaps Challenge

Change 4 Life Sugar Swaps

Public Health England launches a Change4Life campaign every January. This year the focus is on ways that parents can encourage their children to eat less sugar. Teaming up with Netmums and Reading University they asked 50 families to help them understand the difficulties and impact of making small simple SugarSwaps in the diet. Myself and … Read more

I’ve found a lump in my breast

tortilla selfie

So I have found a lump in my breast. No big deal right? I mean I am only 36 and there’s loads of reasons why women have lumps. Worst case scenario it’s Cancer. Did you know that Breast Cancer is one of the most curable Cancers that there is? Trouble is I still remember this … Read more

Mum’s Summer Bucketlist #HealthHop

Mum's summer bucketlist

If you are an organised Mum then you may already have things planned to do over the Summer. But have you thought about yourself? Keeping the smalls occupied and fed, possibly working and keeping the house clean can be a real emotional drain. I think it is important to make sure you have plenty of healthy … Read more

Gender Disappointment – I wanted a girl

gender preference

I am absolutely fed up of people telling each other how they should feel, what they should say and how they should act. Obviously the biggest, my obvious, issue that is much talked about is the bottle/breast debate. Making themselves feel better about their own choices they rant away not considering the feelings of others … Read more

Happiness Inspiration #HealthHop


This week we received a copy of our youngest son’s School Sensory Profile. For the first time in writing he officially had Sensory Processing problems.  It detailed which areas and at what classification compared to his peers. He scored definite difference (meaning that his sensory processing difficulties were much more than others) in many areas. … Read more