Shoes that are made for Walking

I wanted to share how most people can move more to keep healthy, even if they are unable to go out running for whatever reason – and that is with walking. According to Dr Andrew Well M.D. (an internationally recognised leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine) walking is one of the most beneficial exercises of the body. That by simply taking 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day is a highly effective way to lose weight and improve fitness.Shoes that are made for Walking

How Walking Overcomes Boundaries that Other Exercises have

  • You may not be able to go to the gym/classes/swimming/running for reasons such as childcare or time commitments. Walking can be done at home (this can be whilst watching the TV (my friend watched a whole film whilst drinking wine whilst walking on the spot to get her 10,000 steps! – better than sitting down isn’t it!), taking a few extra steps around the house); by leaving the car (why not walk or even scoot to school!).
  • Cost – walking is free and suitable for all ages. You can involve the whole family in it. Or some devices allow you to challenge your friends!
  • You may not be physically fit enough. 8,000 steps may be a bit much for you, but start small and just try a couple of extra steps here and there – it will soon build up, add up, and hopefully strengthen your body to taking a couple more.

Choosing the Right Footwear to Walk in

Of course all these extra steps are going to add up over our lifetime and so it is important that we are not doing more harm than good to ourselves. Usually we are not aware of the damage we are doing until it is too late – so prevention is better than cure.

Three common ways that the alignment of our bodies can cause us discomfort and can be relieved with Orthotic technology are:

Heel Pain: One of the many causes of heel pain is inflammation of the tissue of the bottom of the foot (Plantar fasciitis). This can be caused by being overweight, standing for too long, having arches that are either too flat (over-pronation), too high, or wearing non-supportive shoes.

Knee Pain: This needs accurately diagnosing but, depending on the type and severity, Orthotic technology may be able to help provide the alignment and support needed to alleviate knee pain.

Low Back Pain: Over-pronation may be a contributing cause of low back pain – which Orthotic technology may help alleviate with proper diagnosis and treatment.Shoes that are made for Walking

Vionic have found that 80% of people have the same footwear needs: Many people experience biomechanical issues caused by over-pronation, or rolling in, of the foot which can lead to discomfort in knees feet and even the back. Their shoes are both preventative and curative with orthotic support built into each and every pair. The unique FMT technology aligns your feet into the correct position, giving you essential stability and support when walking and exercising. This technology has 3 parts: Perfect balance (firm yet flexible midsole); Addictive Support (Innovative biomechanical footbed): and Essential Stability (Deep heel cup).

Not only that, but Vionic footwear is lightweight and fashionable. They have taken into account that different people like different styles, or at different times and even have the technology built into sandals and wedges.Shoes that are made for Walking

My initial thoughts to Vionic Footwear

I think that the concept is really good and appreciate how important it is to look after my body from the feet up. I liked that there is a range of footwear and that there are sandals. I do like the idea of having walking shoes (as to be honest my running trainers are ruined from overuse and it would be good to separate between going for a run and just going out walking). With hopefully the nice weather coming up I really appreciate the fact that there is footwear that allows my feet to feel the air!

I had a pair of purple Venture walking shoes (£70) and some black Islander sandals (£45). Initially both the walking shoes and sandals felt great. After wearing the footwear for a while I noticed that my foot kept rubbing on the one side (and am assuming that is because I am not walking properly!), the sandals however was not a problem. I have decided to take it slowly and only wear them for short periods and not long walks. As I am wearing them as a preventive measure it is difficult to tell if they are doing as they say. I was disappointed to discover that they are not waterproof (as my son jumped in a rather large puddle next to me!) but will again be perfect for the warmer weather I am hoping for!

To read from someone who has a better understanding of the importance of the right footwear please go over and read Emmaand3’s post on Vionic 

If you would like to try the benefits of FMT technology then Vionic would like to give you 30% off their entire range at (sorry only valid for one pair of shoes per IP address) enter the code VIONIC30 until the 30th April 2016.


I was invited to a Vionic event where I was well looked after, fed and water and gifted a pair of walking shoes and sandals for purposes of review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. I run most days but it’s definitely good to have some smart walking shoes, especially if you work in an office, going for a stroll at lunchtime is ideal. Those sandals in the swing photo are beautiful!x


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