Parkrun Number 50

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Exercise has always been something I considered important for my family. We have a huge trampoline in the garden (we have always had one since the oldest was young – in fact our younger two children had it like an outdoor playpen!), the boys have all had swimming lessons (the 11-year-old swims for academy) and … Read more

Activity Week 1 and Kelston 10K 2018

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Hands up I did plan to run every day in January for Red, but I think that he already become be active every day because I have really struggled to commit to it. By the time I had written my Motivation post I had already made the change and to be honest I do think … Read more

8 Ways to help Stay Motivated

comparison is the thief of joy on ice

This is a sponsored post. It is all very well to start a new challenge or goal but sticking at it and staying motivated is a completely different matter. Most of the time we really have to use our will power as we would much rather be doing something else. Here are some tips I … Read more

Tewkesbury Wine Run 2017

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You may remember that last January I joined a running club. This time last year I wouldn’t have believed it myself. I had signed up to run the Tewkesbury Half Marathon with no intention of running the whole thing (because obviously I couldn’t!) but aimed to run a few miles and walk the rest. I … Read more

How to Improve your Cholesterol

October is National Cholesterol Month 2017. This is a whole month devoted to the dangers of high cholesterol whilst raising funds to help continue to provide life-saving work. The 100 Mile Great Cholesterol Challenge This year sees The 100 mile Great Cholesterol Challenge which aims to get people moving to benefit from a healthy heart. … Read more

Teen’s First 5K Race

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The reason my children run is because I wanted it to be a normal part of their life. I didn’t want them to get to their thirties and think – oh gosh I should be more active and struggle to get started like I have (and am sure many others). We started to do Parkrun … Read more

Junior Triathlon – A First for Our Family

running from the pool Junior Triathlon

I knew this Junior Triathlon meant a lot to our nine year old son because I had to cancel an overnight trip to London for it – and he loves sleeping at London hotels. I think it was the fact that he is confident that he can swim, ride a bike and run so had … Read more

Should schools only pick the best children for Sport?

Should schools only pick the best children for Sport?

This week the boys’ school joined in with lots of other local schools for the annual athletics competition. Hosted at the local secondary school children spent many hours on Tuesday evening competing against each other. I have been attending this event for many years as my oldest son was also very sporty – and have … Read more

After My First Half Marathon

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The following day after my first Half Marathon I can honestly say that I did not really feel the pain in my foot. No my legs hurt too much to notice! Going down the stairs was particularly a killer. I found going down on my bum helped but apparently backwards also does the trick. My thighs … Read more