Your Hand in Mine

I wanted a simple activity that would help my youngest develop. So I decided to focus on helping him to learn the colour red. This for me was an obvious choice with Valentine’s coming up. He also used drawing and glueing skills. These can then be used on a Valentine’s card – or make a … Read more

T is for Tree

Regular readers will know that I’ve been teaching my son the alphabet (Letter Learning Journey). But since we’ve moved house and he’s started school it’s kind of fell by the wayside. I have been teaching him in alphabetically order and he’s been learning phonetically at school. I think TREES are really interesting this time of … Read more

Kite Fold

kite fold envelope

As I have previously mentioned, I’m currently doing an Adult Education Class in Scrap-booking with the lovely Amanda. Here I am going to show you in photos how she taught me to do a Kite fold This is in order for me to put little bits in (tickets etc) for Scrapbooking. They look so nice I’m sure … Read more

Ghost & Ghouls Treat Bag

When I saw this Gift Bag Tutorial at Hello Sandwich I just knew I had to  make one with the children as Treat Bags.  I think it is quiet straight forward and even my 5 year old made one (under guidance). Fold your piece of paper in half horizontally – note this is the size your gift bag … Read more

Pumpkin Plates

pumpkin craft @pinkoddy

We are currently on half term and what better way to pass the time than doing a bit of Halloween craft by making Pumpkin Plates. This simple activity involves just paper plates, crayon and orange plate (green feathers/or green paint optional) Simply draw your pumpkin face or pattern onto the paper plate with a black … Read more


Fine motor skills dinosaurs Pinkoddy

It occurred to me recently that there a lot of great dinosaur blog posts out there and what I needed was to pin some together.  Therefore, I created a Dinosaur pinboard on Pinterest. If you wish your post to be pinned then please link it up in the comments box below. I found this great dinosaur craft … Read more

P for Peacock

The Letter Learning journey brings us to the Letter P We have been making sure we make a letter to stick on the cupboard to remind us of what we’ve learnt This week we did P for Peacock Just a letter P cut out of paper Glue on some feathers and some googly eyes

What do you get with a G?

I have been teaching my 4 year old the alphabet before he starts school in September (Yay we got our first choice school. I hope you did too) I actually started with my youngest. We simply used some black tissue paper (tbh it’s the only black paper I had but I thought it would be just perfect as … Read more

Daffodils and Bonnets

With it being Spring we decided to combine learning the letter D with Daffodils First simply cut out a letter D and colour it orange I never had any yellow paper so we painted a white sheet – I also think this adds to the fun, gives it more texture, and obviously the added skill … Read more