Christmas Decorations Children can Make

The build up to Christmas is such an exciting time. I like to build this further with Seasonal Crafts.

Here are some simple ideas.


Simply get some cotton wool, coloured paper for hats and scarves, find a free-printable snowman face and then just glue them on to an old toilet roll holder.


If you are really creative you could even make nativity snowmen – making a Mary, Joseph and cut a roll in half for baby Jesus.


This idea can be adapted to make any kind of Christmas decoration stand up – Christmas Trees, Stockings, etc.

Sparkly Stars

Download a free star template


Coat with glue & Add glitter (or use glitter glue pens)


Laminate (or the glitter falls off)


Hole punch and thread some string.

Hang on the tree or make bunting with it.


You can then of course do this with any shape and other materials

We used Baubles, Christmas trees, Christmas Stockings and decorated them with paper, pasta, foil, glue shapes – anything we could find.

We also used the back of ice-cream boxes instead of paper – making them a bit firmer and also recycling.