Money Saving ideas you Should Know About

Cut back on your Gas & Electricity Bill

Visit Martin Lewis’ site for lots of money saving tips – including switching companies to save money. I personally do not like switching companies as they sometimes mess it up and it costs me more in time and phone calls to sort it all out. That’s just my bad experiences. If you are on a meter then I would recommend switching to a quarterly bill – you can still pay for this weekly – or save it up weekly, or a direct debit. If you have both from the same supplier it is usually cheaper.

Only put enough water in the kettle for what you need.

Turn things off when not in use – water, electricity at the source (kettle, tv, lights, cooker, washing machine, dishwasher and so on).

Put on an extra layer rather than putting the heating on. Take a cool shower rather than putting the fan on.

Or turn the heating down.

Join in with Earth hour – or consider turning your lights off earlier.

Use a washing line and airers rather than a tumble dryer.

Use a brush/broom instead of the vacuum on hard floors and down the stairs.

Use a pan only big enough to fit what you need and use a lid.


Get a water saver for your toilet. Only flush after a poo (this one really isn’t for me sorry).

Shower rather than bath. Or get your children to share a bath.

Reuse water or get a rain catcher – or make one from an old plastic bottle with the children – to water plants etc.

Ladies get yourself a Mooncup or equivalent – it is worth a try at least.


Meal plan & shop online. If you shop around you can get it cheaper & do a quick search for money off vouchers. Use Tesco clubcard vouchers – we use them for days out & just paid for our ferry with them.

Why not join in with Meal planning Monday and also get great ideas.

Visit LoveFoodHateWaste – to help make sure you do not throw food away.

Buy in bulk.

Grow your own food with your own home made compost.

You can buy things with short dates/reduced and freeze them (bread is usually 9p a loaf just before the shop closes).


Grow flowers rather than buying air freshners

Buy reusable rather than disposable – nappies, flannels, wash cloths, etc.

Reuse as much as possible – for example I use plastic containers from food to put my children’s paint in, make pots with etc.

Pay for things like insurance, car tax annually as it is cheaper – then just save up the monthly cost ready for next year. Don’t just renew shop around.

Leave the car behind and walk – the exercise and fresh air will do you wonders too.

Or drive sensibly.

Give up smoking.

Cut back on things like Sky – or ring and say you want to leave and they cut your bill getting you to stay.

Get PAYG instead of contract – consider GiffGaff.