Some things you just don’t want to do

Our youngest son most likely has Autism. I say most likely as we haven’t actually seen anyone that can officially give him the “label”  diagnosis.

I would like to go and see the pediatrician, and for them to tell  me that, no actually he is fine – that I just have very poor parenting skills and that my 2 NT children were just very lucky.

But I know in my heart that he does have “something” and I’m pretty sure that it is Autism. That what I have to do now is making me feel so sick as I have to *think* about all that is wrong different with him. I have to do this to get the help for him, and if I forget things then he could slip through the net.

But as I start the list it is all coming so easily. There’s so much about him that isn’t on the normal path of development. And I feel sad – but I shouldn’t because he is such a happy little boy. And he is so loved because he is such a character. He is still just him.

So instead I decided to be positive. I  know he likes Circles and they seem to calm him down for whatever reason. Therefore, I have been thinking about very short activities (as he has a very limited attention span) that utilises circles and have made an Autism pinboard which I’m pinning them on.

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Today I simply gave him a paper plate with some coloured elastic bands and let him sellotape them on there.

We are moving forward and have just been offered a course for his language development that children in our area don’t normally get offered. People are being so supportive and I am truly grateful.

The health visitor has advised us that we can apply ourselves to get him a Statement of Educational needs.

And he doesn’t have to start school in September but can wait until the April when he turns 5.

He has lots of friends and is so funny. And our oldest has Aspergers so it’s not completely alien.

If you know of any simple circle activities could you link them in the comments box below please.