Smart Ass the Ultimate Trivia Game

Smart Ass the Ultimate Trivia Game

Smart Ass by University Games is the ultimate trivia game that you can win even if you are a dumb ass. As you can imagine even the cover of this game appealed to my sons! This game is designed for those ages 12 and up and is for 2-8 players. I think this automatically makes it feel like a “grown-up” game and is perfect for engaging with teens (or preteens) and getting in that important family/bonding time. Of course it also makes a good party game if you are having friends around (with or without drinks).Smart Ass the Ultimate Trivia Game

This is the game where you get to shout out the answer, even when it is not your turn! Each question has 10 clues and the first player to shout out the correct answer wins the round, and takes a step closer to being the ultimate “Smart Ass!”

How to Play Smart Ass

First of all this game is so simple to set up (and put away). It consists of a board game, 2 jumbo sided (D-12 commonly used for Dungeons & Dragons) dice (one with various numbers & the other various colours), 8 player counters (numbered ass pictures and coloured basis to stand them up) and 461 question cards (4 types: Who am I? where am I? What am I? and Hard ass – each with a designated space on the board). The Hard Ass questions are fewer and have 2 questions on each, players start by using the top questions and then move onto the bottom ones once they have gone through all the cards.D12 die for Smart Ass the Ultimate Trivia Game

The oldest Smart Ass Player is player 1 – and they get to read first (the reader). They roll the coloured die to determine which category for the first question (corresponding to the colour of the cards: Who am I?- orange; where am I? – green; What am I? – blue; and Hard ass – red. The reader then picks up the card and slowly reads each of the 10 clues until someone shouts out the correct answer or all the clues have been given.Smart Ass the Ultimate Trivia Game

Smart Ass Rules

  • The answer can be given out at any point that the Reader is telling the clues.
  • Only one answer per player – if incorrect they are out of the round.
  • If no-one is correct then the reader wins the round.
  • Whoever wins the round then rolls the number die and moves that number of spaces.
  • It is up to the Reader to make the decision about how won the round. In the event of a tie then the Reader must select a tie-breaking question from the Hard Ass category. This category does not have any clues just a question and answer. If no-one answers this correctly again the Reader wins the round.Hard Ass Questions from Smart Ass the Ultimate Trivia Game
  • The winner is the first player to reach “The End” on the Smart Ass rear – a correct number roll is not required.
  • Players who have landed on the Dumb Ass space cannot answer on the turn after their roll (in 2 player games this gives the other player a free number roll).
  • When players land on a Hard Ass space they get a bonus question which only they can try and answer – if they answer incorrectly the Reader does NOT win the round.
  • If a player lands on a Kick Ass space then they must move back 3 spaces.
  • After each turn play moves to the left, whereby that player becomes the Reader.
    Smart Ass the Ultimate Trivia Game

Thoughts on Smart Ass

I think that this is a good fun trivia game, with a humorous twist. I liked how there is a mix of knowledge levels and that you can progress in the game even if you can’t get the questions right. Easy to set up, follow and put away. Great for a get-together with friends or to encourage older children to spend quality time together.

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E: 19/03/2016

RRP £19.99 available from Tesco, Amazon and Toys R Us.

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I received a free copy of Smart Ass for purposes of review, and 1 will be sent directly to the winner. No financial compensation has been given. Opinions are my own.