Vax PowerWash 2000w Complete Pressure Washer

Autumn is a lovely time of year but let’s face it – it can also bring with it quite a lot of dirt! Whether it has been brought into the house and is all over the floor or the garden bench and patio are covered, or even the car is filthy from the mud on the roads and spray from the lorries. It can be a never-ending task at this time of year and so ideally something that can quickly and effectively clean everything again will cut the time spent on these tasks.

About the Vax PowerWash 2000w Complete Pressure Washer

The Vax PowerWash 2000w Complete Pressure Washer is just perfect for tackling those outdoor jobs that especially need tackling in the colder months. Available exclusively online to the medium-duty power pressure washer comes has 2000w power and 140 bar max pressure, and flow rate of 430 litre and hour, to make light work of blasting away even the most stubborn, tough, dirt and grime. Covering an average 25 metre square an hour – perfect for covering medium-sized areas of paved areas, patios and decking, at a time. Plus with a range of accessories such as a car wash brush it can be used to clean cars, garden tools and even BBQs.Vax PowerWash 2000w Complete Pressure WasherThoughts on the Vax PowerWash 2000w Complete Pressure Washer

The Vax PowerWash 2000w Complete Pressure Washer was easy to unpack, put together and use with fantastic results for removing dirt. I really liked how it was good for cleaning a variety of things and how quickly and efficiently it did this. I can see it saving us a fortune in car wash fees! It was light enough to carry but heavy enough not to fall over (or blow away!). I think that our garden patio table demonstrates well how good the Vax PowerWash 2000w Complete Pressure Washer is with this photograph of half with the dirt still on and the other half with it removed.


The Vax PowerWash 2000w Complete Pressure Washer comes complete with:

  • Trigger Handle: A smooth shaped handle making it easier to squeeze and with an on/off safety lock.
  • Pressure Hose: The high pressure hose is highly durable and resistant to weather conditions.
  • Lance and Jet Nozzle: To apply a direct concentration of pressure to dislodge dirt and grime on all surface types.
  • Turbo nozzle: This high pressure turbo nozzle is perfect for blasting away tough embedded dirt from high traffic areas.
  • Patio Brush and Extension Tube: Great for large areas the large rotary brush with an extended reach.
  • Car brush: This soft bristle brush is perfect for sensitive areas which have tough dirt.
  • Rotary Brush: Smaller than the Patio Brush this is a firm bristled brush with 360 degree rotation – perfect for an extra clean.
  •  Two cleaning solutions:
    •  Universal detergent – Aids the breakdown and removal of stubborn moss, dirt and grime. For use on sealed wood, brickwork, bikes, garden furniture, driveways and is safe on aluminium. With a Citrus Fresh smell.
    • Wash & Protect Vehicle Detergent – Aids the removal of road dirt, oil and grease from vehicles whilst providing short-term protection from weathering conditions. For use on vehicle exteriors, vehicle wheels, and vehicle windows (including mirrors). With an Ocean Breeze fragrance.

I think the best way to see its performance is to have a look for yourself:

Currently on offer for: £99.99


I was sent a Vax PowerWash 2000w Complete Pressure Washer for purposes of review. These are my honest opinions of the product.