Personalised Kids Craft Christmas Cards

I originally had this idea that I could make some stamps and it would make writing Christmas Cards easier, as my 5 year old could just stamp his name!


First of all I wrote the names on paper in bubble writing and cut them out.


Next I took a potato and cut it in half.


Then I put the letters back-to-front on the potato (the example above is a letter d)- as when printed they’d come out as their mirror image.


I then cut around the letters carefully with a knife.


Some letters didn’t need reversing.


Then I got ready the things needed to introduce the children to the craft. I just used green paper but ideally card would have been better. We used red and green paint to be festive.


We made several cards – experimenting with alternating colours, or just using one colour.


We tried putting the potatoes into the trays of paint but found that there ended up being too much paint and it smudged.


So then we tried using a brush to paint onto the potatoes.


And it worked out much better.


The children really enjoyed doing this, but it would take far too long to do this for every card.


Then we made them more Christmassy by adding a handprint tree.


With a little star on top.

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