SuperStar Friends

For a great gift this Christmas why not bring the digital world to life by interacting your apps through audio sensory technology with a new line of plush toys!!


I was delighted to be able to review a Talking Tom Superstar (cat) as my youngest son loves playing with apps (well what child doesn’t). My 9 year old has loved the first Talking Tom app too! Each toy is modelled on the Talking Friends characters, and is packed full of catchy tunes, witty riddles, amusing jokes and plenty of whimsical sounds!

Talking Tom Superstar came in a beautifully presented box, complete with his  own bag to keep him in (take him out and about) and the lead required to plug him into the computer.


Simple to start up – just put the batteries in (The toys run on three double-A batteries).


And switch to On – also with volume controls.


Suitable for children over 3 years old,priced from £35 (purchase them here), and there’s going to be more Talking Friends characters joining the Superstar team soon!!!

You can play with the toy straight away – on its own; It sings and tells jokes. For more jokes and songs simply update it on your computer – offering endless fun and development. As you can see it was really easy to use – as demonstrated by my 3 year old.


There’s Talking Tom Superstar, Talking Angela Superstar and Talking Ginger Superstar. Each Superstar’s sound content is tailored to its respective character so they all have different things to say, either by themselves or when engaged in conversations with one another. If you get them all together and they can interact with each other, as well as each of their apps: including the Talking Friends Superstar app and I Want To Be Big, the popular Talking Tom Cat 2, Talking Ginger and Talking Santa.

Click to play video

The app has a child safe mode.


The apps let you remove ads (for a small price) – ideal for the younger children who like to click everywhere.


The Talking Tom Superstar appealed to a wide age range – here my 9 year old is enjoying having a turn with Tom interacting with the iPad.


I would say that we all expected it to be interactive with us (such as during the knock knock joke) – but it only repeats and interacts with other Superstar Friends and apps.

Other than that it was a really good product that will provide hours and hours of fun.

I received this product free of charge in order to review it.

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