The Twelfth Week of Jeffing Half Marathon Training – Physio

This post is about what should have been week 12 of Jeffing Sub 2 hours Half Marathon Training. By now I had totally given up the plan due to an injury that just wasn’t going away. Knowing myself though there was still the possibility that I would run the upcoming Half Marathon, so I have carried on documenting what I was doing in the run up. Following on from week 11.

Seeing a Professional About it

Monday I walked five miles to sort out back to school shoe shopping. Later I went to the doctors and saw someone. He wasn’t a doctor and think he was a physio. Either way he got me to describe things, do some exercises standing up and lying down.

Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome 

He said that it was Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome and tried to explain it by drawing a diagram. This is also referred to as a bursitis. I was sent a self-referral link for more physio but there’s a long waiting list.

Treatment for my Hip Pain

That it needed treating with a slow build-up of exercise. That too little or too much would just make it worse. Therefore, he suggested that I just run 1km and if I was okay after that I could add more.

That the pain did not necessarily have to be during the exercise but afterwards too. If I was in any pain after I had done too much, and pushed things too far. This would only aggravate things further. Plus I was given exercises for gluteal loading, which he demonstrated and e-mailed to me.

Walk for dinner

That evening I went out for dinner with hubby. We walked from the car to the restaurant and back. Thing is, I was wearing chunky high heels and I don’t think it was the best idea. I was in agony before we even got back to the car.

Pinkoddy and husband out for dinner

Alton Towers

The Tuesday of this week was A-level results day (yes sorry I am way behind on my write-ups). We had promised the older teen a day out at Alton Towers.

No swimming at Alton Towers

This of course meant lots more walking and rollercoasters. Naturally the “Big Six” (well 5 as the boys think Thirteen is a bit lame) – and so I am not sure what impact that had on my body!

More Gentle Day

Wednesday I took things more easily, just walking to the younger teen’s swimming lesson and back. Finally I have moved to working from a desk though, instead of hunched over a screen on my bed!

Thursday More Walking

Thursday also saw some gentle walking as I took the children to the park with a friend and her children. It was honestly less than a mile each way. Then I walked again less than a mile to take a friend some boxes as she was moving house. I came home and fell asleep – then woke up in absolute agony.

How to Start Exercise!

My problem with the suggested exercise advice really became apparent on this Friday, as even doing a few odd jobs around the kitchen caused me to be in agony.

The nurse had told me when I was booked in to see someone at the doctors to regularly take both ibuprofen and paracetamol. I had been taking pain killers regularly for a week now and sure the pain was worse. Even with them.

There was more back to school shopping with the youngest teen so we may have nipped into McDonalds. This would have also included walking just over 3 miles too.

back to school shopping

Tail-Walking Parkrun

I thought that being the tail walker at Parkrun would be a very sensible option. It was actually hugely rewarding and the lady has achieved Personal Bests every week since! Although it was a lot of time on my feet and then I sat on a pub bench for 5 hours.

The pain was so bad that I was almost tempted to drink alcohol when my friends told me it would help!

Lack of Swimming

Swimming I feel helps, but there hadn’t been any opportunities because it kept raining and that makes the rivers unsafe.


On the Sunday we caught up with family playing ten pin bowling in the morning. The afternoon the older teen went to a friend’s house. And we packed for our short break away.

worcester bowling

2 thoughts on “The Twelfth Week of Jeffing Half Marathon Training – Physio”

  1. It’s good that you at least have a label for the problem now, although not good that you were in agony!
    If you can afford it, I would recommend a private physio. I’ve used NHS physios before, but it’s not ideal with the long wait. You can usually get an appointment the next day with a private physio and they will really take their time to understand the problem and come up with some solutions.

  2. I’m sorry you’re suffering so badly and your masterplan isn’t working out! My experience with physio was great but it was a long wait and then a long time and lots of effort for the body to build up strength to solve the pain. I learned a lot from it though for long term benefits. Hang on in there! xxx


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