Changes in dosage for Children’s Medicine

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has now revised its recommendations on children’s liquid paracetamol dosages

My little boy has not been well. My husband bought some more Calpol and noticed that the box was a different shape – more square. On closer inspection it does clearly say that there is a new dosage on the box, BUT it was the shape that drew my husband’s attention to the dosage amounts (he is very careful to read things like this – I probably would have just given the usual dose).

80% of babies will have had liquid paracetamol (usually under the names of Calpol or Disprol) by 6 months of age.


This comes from realising that there is a big weight and body development difference in those aged 12 months to those who are six years old. Who previously were recommended the same dose of up to 10ml four times a day.


There is a dosage for those 2-3 months  2.5ml twice a day – to cover when they have their vaccinations.

Previously, it was advised that babies aged three to 12 months should be given a maximum dose of 2.5ml a time, up to four times a day. Now 3-6 months  can have one 2.5ml spoonful (4 times per day)  as before, but those 6-24months have an increased dose of 5ml  (4 times per day).

2-4 years now have a reduced amount of up to 7.5ml (4 times a day) which was previously 10mls.

Parents are told not to worry about these changes and the fact we’ve obviously been overdosing our children on paracetamol but it’s just that they are now concerned about the long term health risks of too much paracetamol given to children – as some parent’s are deemed to give their children it too freely – for every little sniffle.

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  1. I personally find the changes quite worrying … I for one (and I am pretty sure most other parents are the same too) do not even check the dosage on the box of calpol and such like any more as know what dose my son has …. if it wasn’t for you telling me about the changes, I would not even have been aware the childrens dose had changed.

  2. Wow so much to learn!! It’ll be scary having kids I think, here’s hoping I learn it all in time!!

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  3. one day after christmas my 2yr old developed a high fever… i gave her the dosage on the box directions of tylenol for children 2-3yrs. it made her sleep but she woke with a high temp anyway. as i prepared to give her an alcohol bath to bring down the temp, i turned toward the bed where she was lying and she was having a seizure. very traumatizing!!!!! at the ER the doctor told me that the dosages had changed and she wasn’t getting enough to combat the fever….it should be 2 teaspoons tylenol or 1 teaspoon motrin for her age and weight. i pray that no parent has to experience what i did last night


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