The Day I met Justin Bieber!!!!

His World Tour Tickets ran out in seconds, and I missed out when new dates were added. Despite direct messaging him on twitter still nothing!


Ok so when I met Justin Bieber it was just a waxwork model of Justin at London’s Madame Tussards but that’s the closest I have come yet!


I was not looking forward to the queue getting in, but I need not have worried as it went so fast that I ended up getting in everyone’s way but just stopping in the queue half of my party were looking for toilets when we got right near the front. The staff were very friendly and helpful – especially this one guy Simon, who let the boys in through the barrier to rejoin the rest of us.


We bought a guide which was £6 (or 2 for £10). Plus they were offering discounts on other London attractions (but we simply did not have the time). This is when it would have been perfect to stay over night.


Of course, as you’d expect there were lots of famous faces to get your photo taken with. It wasn’t as busy as I expected and if you wanted to wait a short while you could have had your photo taken with any of the models.


Robbie Williams didn’t look as I had imagined, but my husband said that this must have been made a few years ago.


I liked how there was information telling you who the stars were, and a bit of information about them, such as can be seen here with Marilyn Monroe


My favourite has to be Morgan Freeman – there was just something about his eyes that my iPhone camera just hasn’t captured.


The attention to detail was amazing – look at all the different shades of colour in Francois Hollande’s hair, and even inside his ear had lots of detail.


And it wasn’t just limited to flesh.


The staff were all very friendly – see here a nice lady giving our son a demonstration on how the models were made, and answering any questions he may have had.


There was also an area which showed Beyoncé being made.


There were lots more areas, which were, either not suitable for general family viewing – which had clear warnings (and alternative routes); and those which did not allow photography (such as Scream and a very good ride called The Spirit of London -which made me proud to be English – a must see).


Then finally the Marvel Heros and a 4D experience that was really good – including great 3D effects, shaking chairs and water coming out you.

This day out was enjoyed by my whole family ranging from aged 3 years to 30+.

2 thoughts on “The Day I met Justin Bieber!!!!”

  1. We went earlier in the year and the children didn’t recognise a lot of the models but it was sooo busy it was really tricky to have a good look. I would love to go back on a quieter day. Great photos

    • TBH I had trouble knowing who some of them were. Really made me realise we aren’t big on sports too – oops.

      Thanks for commenting.


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