Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser Ralph Dog #Review

The kids going back to school has resulted in a lot of party invitations already. There doesn’t seem to be a free weekend coming up any time soon. This of course means lots of present wrapping – and then of course it will be Christmas before you know it!


So when I heard that there was Ralph the Dog, the new fun Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser Dog to be reviewed I jumped at the chance. We tried pets but didn’t get on with them. To be honest, I struggle to find time, so whilst we toyed with the idea of getting a real puppy (there’s ones specifically trained for children with Autism), the final decision was that it was too much. This is, therefore, an easier alternative – and also helpful.


I buy a LOT of Christmas presents, and I’m not the best at wrapping, and certainly don’t find it fun. I am ALWAYS losing the end, and then I break my nail and just can’t seem to find the end again – which is even  more infuriating when I’m short on time, or (like at Christmas) have a lot to wrap. Well it is okay as this Scotch Tape Dog holds it over its bone (I think it looks like his tongue).


It is easy to use – you simply pull the dog in half (don’t do this in front of emotional children, especially if this is their only pet that you’ve finally let them have!), and simply pull the tape and attach it onto the bone. Then clip the dog back in place.

half a dog
A distressing sight for a child who sees their first pet split in half

He has a little red bowl too, great for keeping bits in, like Christmas tag strings, so they don’t get lost whilst wrapping the main present. Or even holding your blue tac – if you are putting up your Christmas decorations/cards.

Scotch Magic Tape Ralph Dog Dispenser review @pinkoddy

The dog is suitable for children to use, but personally I think the cutter is a little sharp, so I wouldn’t leave it with my youngest unsupervised. Great for all the up and coming Christmas crafts we will be doing together. This is something I feel is really important in creating the magic in the build up to Christmas, and some much-needed quality time together, at what is drawing to the end of that first long-term at school (when it is cold and dark).

This is good quality tape so you can rest assured that, if you are an organised person and you wrap your Christmas presents early, then they are not just going to pop undone again before the big day. Scotch Magic Tape is a matte-finish tape, which becomes invisible on paper, for those of you who like a good presentation. It can also be written on, so makes a great labelling tool.

The Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser Dog comes with a 19mm x 8.89m roll of Scotch Magic tape. It is available from Tesco and Staples. RRP of £8.99.

I received a free Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser Dog for purposes of this review, but otherwise have not been compensated in any way. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Love it, I need one of these! I too hate the Sellotape thing, drives me crazy, especially when there’s loads to wrap. I have been known to say the odd naughty word whilst hunting for the end of the tape.


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