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Today I am reviewing the Fun Crossbow by Petron supplied by TKCSales. I was really interested in this product as my 10 year old Cub Scout named archery is his number one favourite activity on a recent adventure trip with the school. He already loved to shoot with his range of Nerf guns, and even had a pair of shoes that carried his bullets in the bottom!  Crossbows are of course not only great fun, but help with hand-eye coordination.  The difference with a Nerf gun and this Fun Crossbow by Petron is that the latter is able to shoot further, and more accurately. As a parent I would really recommend this product, not only does it encourage your child to develop greater accuracy but this is best achieved in relative silence.

fun crossbow

When you first get the Fun Crossbow out of the box it does need building. I have to admit I am absolutely useless at building things, even with clear visual aids. The Fun Crossbow was so simple and straightforward though, and was quickly put together. The only slightly frustrating thing was it needed a screw tightening (so I needed to find something to tighten it with, ideally a screwdriver but honestly I just used a kitchen knife). I can see the importance of this of course, as it was to keep the bow in place, and you would not want it to fall apart in mid use. The Fun Crossbow looks just like its professional gun, and I found the lining up of the target guides made the accuracy of my shooting much better. With the gun 3 darts are provided (one yellow, one orange, and one blue) and the option to buy further packs. There is also space on the gun (below the firing line) to carry a further 5 extra bullets. They are simple to push into the holes but don’t worry about being firm with them too.

fun crossbow

This Fun Crossbow was designed with my boys in mind I think, you see it only takes the bullets provided, so they cannot stuff pencils down it and fire them at each other. There are visual aids on the box telling you how to do it, plus a safety lock guide. Both the string must be pulled right back until it fits in the lowest slot and the dart pushed right back, before it will fire.

fun crossbow

On the back of the box was a target circle which I cut out and secured to our patio window with blue-tac. There are many varieties of target circle online that you could print out to use. It was really easy to use (even if my aim is not that great), light weight and good grips to hold it securely (making it easier to aim). I would advise that you make sure that the person firing the Fun Crossbow stands well back, as it is really powerful and I believe can shooting up to 12m – let’s say it bounced back off my patio door quite fiercely. This is a good quality piece of kit and the string is able to be pulled quite forcibly.

Fun Crossbow Petron Safety feature

This was a product fun for the entire family (in our house ranging from 4-adult) and it was good that it captured everyone’s interest. I think it is a great investment. When the weather is better we can take it outside and stick it to the other side of our patio door.

fun crossbow petron

 I received a FREE Fun Crossbow in order to review it. All words and opinions are my own.

22 thoughts on “Fun Crossbow by Petron #Review”

  1. My boys would love it! And if we had a bigger house, or a less-blind child, I would buy this for sure! Am not really in the mood to start seeing my stuff flying around the house 😉

  2. I really like the fact that you can’t use your own ‘bullets’ with this one. Whoever designed it clearly knows children, as this is just the kind of ‘inventiveness’ my little boy would try!

  3. I want to say my kids would have liked this when they were younger – but I think they’d like them now! Scratch that – I’d like one now! Can I come over any play please? 🙂

  4. Oh Aaron would love this. He likes any gun, or any implement that shoots anything, be it water, pellets, whatever.
    I am very anti-guns, but slowly one by one he seems to be accumulating things that shoot things.
    Great review x

  5. We have a wooden one and the boys love it – it is spring loaded though so best not to get your fingers in the way! It’s a challenge not to get them to shoot each other lol


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