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My almost five year old boy typically loves Superheroes. So how fantastic was it for him to be able to help me review some DC Super Friends books from Random House. I personally was really impressed with the educational factor of the four books we were sent. My son’s special needs means that educationally he is behind his peers and needs all the support he can get. Gaining his attention has improved but the fact that his favourite Superheroes and Villains were in these books really helped a great deal.

DC Super Friends My Wipe-Clean Activity Book

The obvious thing about this book is that it can be wiped clean and used over and over again. But for me the good thing about the wipe clean was that if he was unsure I could show him how, and wipe it off after.

dc super friends books

The book starts with telling you that there is a bad guy hiding on every page for you to find – covering his favourite villains such as Harvey Two-Face and the Joker. Next he had to match up the Heroes and their vehicles. It did not explain until the next page that one of them did not have a vehicle – and this proved to be a fantastic talking point as my son explained to me that it was missing. In actual fact he said that he ran instead and drew a road.

dc super friends books

After matching them up he had to write the matching letter in the appropriate box. This introduced him to capital letters. The spot the difference I think at this time was a bit too difficult for him – but again was a great opportunity to talk about it. The dot to dot and maze were fantastic for his fine motor skills – and I was very impressed with how well he did them.

dc super friends books

There were a good free-drawing couple of pages where he could design his own Super Friends scene. The clowning around page was fantastic for observation, communication and numeracy skills.

All in all I thought that this was a fantastic book and just what my son needs. RRP £3.99

DC Super Friends Colour First Reader Books

These books are described as perfect for beginner readers and I quite agree. These well illustrated books follow the adventures of his favourite DC Super friends Superman and Batman. The stories were both simple, straight forward and entertaining. It was easy for my son to work out what certain words said just by the follow of the story and help by picture cues. The stories used lots of basic vocabulary and short sentences, with words he recognised such as “Superman.” On the back were the other titles in the series and he was very excited to show me which ones his friends had.

dc super friends books

RRP £3.99 each.

DC Super Friends – The Super Friends Sticker Book

To say my almost 5 year old son is sticker mad at the moment would be an understatement. This book contains over 50 super hero stickers. There are places to match up the stickers with the Super Friends, the bad guys, the vehicles, the weapons: Stickers to create scenes, to solve puzzles, and lots of educational activities.

dc super friends booksdc super friends books

Or like my son stickers to just simple stick everywhere! Of course these are also very good for developing his fine motor skills.

My son loved this book the most and would make a fantastic birthday present. Also RRP of £3.99.

dc super friends books

If your child loves DC Super Friends such as Superman and Batman you really cannot go wrong with buying the books in this range. These books are described as being for boys and girls ages 5-7 years.


I received these books free of charge in order to review them. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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