Pink Reindeer Jumpsuit from Tipsy Elves

Pink Reindeer Jumpsuit from Tipsy Elves

Christmas Pink onesieFrom the moment I landed on the Tipsy Elves website I knew they were all about the fun. I guess I should have realised by the name. I mean those poor Elves working hard on the run up to Christmas, you can’t blame them for having a wee drop to drink and getting a bit tipsy now can you. Well we know what happens when people get tipsy don’t we!

They are the Official Sponsor of Ugly Christmas Sweater Day  – December 12th. If you are looking for some fun clothing for this Christmas then Tipsy Elves is the place for you. Go look at the website – it will literally have you laughing out loud. There’s all manner of Men, women and children’s clothing and accessories suitable for this winter. I received the Pink Reindeer Jumpsuit (£49.95)  – it was well packaged, and had its own zip-lock bag. It is incredibly warm and comfortable. It is very quirky – don’t just take my word for it this onesie was certainly different – watch my demo.

There’s some cracking items now to decide what I shall get my family wearing – well if you can’t have a laugh at Christmas when can you?! Now I just hope my teen appreciates the one I have chosen for him. It is quite sad that this may be our last Christmas all living together as a family. He is 18 just after this Christmas and planning on going to University. Do you remember your last Christmas at home? Or have you had a child move out – what was their last Christmas living at home like?

I received a free The Pink Reindeer Jumpsuit and a Jumper for my son’s 18th from Tipsy Elves. All words and opinions are my own.

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