Brewers Fayre & Festive Menu Review

Brewers Fayre Festive Menu ReviewWe were invited to review a Brewers Fayre and I jumped at the chance as we really do like them. First of all we like the fair pricing (we love the all you can eat buffet and refill drinks), free parking, loyalty card and on our visit we also received discount vouchers for January. Our local Brewers Fayre is perfect for families with an indoor and outdoor play area. The review was a perfect excuse to go out for a family meal as we have a lot of celebrating with our son turning 18 this month. We opted for the Festive menu as we do not have turkey at home.

Brewers Fayre  Staff

Brewers Fayre & Festive Menu ReviewI do think the staff can make all the difference to the place. When we arrived one of the other customers had a grievance about the play area and were not particularly polite let’s say – but it was dealt with quickly and calmly. My children were given Dennis the Menace activity sheets and crayons which helped distract them from the drama. We also had a slight problem with one of the children’s desserts, again it was all sorted very swiftly. I was very impressed with how they accommodated my sensory seeker’s needs when it came to the pudding (they put the chocolate sauce in a separate bowl for him). We did not have to wait long for each course, being asked whether we wanted the next one yet, and if each course was okay, or if there was anything they could get for us. My son was even asked if he would like his drink refilled. Plates were cleared away efficiently but not too quickly that we felt rushed.

Brewers Fayre Festive Menu

Brewers Fayre & Festive Menu ReviewCooking the Christmas Dinner can really take the fun out of Christmas so I think it is always nice to let someone else do the cooking. You can have your dinner anytime between now and 30th December (including Breakfast with Santa). You need to book and let them know your festive menu choices. I am pleased to say that they also managed to change one of my children’s pudding choice too. We had 3 courses for the adult meals and 2 courses for the children. We were disappointed that the children did not get the choice of a starter and the pudding was limited to just Christmas Pudding or Ice-Cream.

Brewers Fayre Festive menu prawn cocktail starterWe tried 3 of the 4 starter options – Tomato and Basil Pesto Soup, Prawn Cocktail and Garlic and Herb Breaded Mushrooms. All arrived well presented and tasted delicious. I will be honest and say that the soup was not eaten although that was because my son was feeling unwell.

Brewers Fayre & Festive Menu ReviewWe then had all opted for the Roast Turkey option but there are alternatives if you so wish (or of course you can eat from the normal menu or the buffet). The roast turkey dinner was nice and warm when it arrived and well presented. I would have liked more vegetables than were available and pigs in blankets; but to be fair what is included in the meal is clearly indicated on the menus, so I knew what to expect.

Brewers Fayre & Festive Menu Review For deserts we chose Caramel Apple Betty with custard (my husband would have liked the option to have cold custard, but he never asked), 2 warm chocolate brownies (again my oldest son was feeling unwell and we all shared his) and the children had the ice–cream. It was as Christmas deserts should be – delicious!

Brewers Fayre Play Areas

We were seated right in front of the play area, which meant that the children could go and play whilst we had our starters. Unfortunately there is a maximum height bar which technically means that children over the age of about 7 are “too big.” There is an outdoor play area that they can then access but it was too late at night, too cold and dark for this. Generally this is not a problem as the play area is suitable for 7 year olds if used properly. There is a good mix of soft play shapes for younger children and a slide and places to climb for the older ones. It is not an especially huge area but is enough for youngsters to entertainment. I found the play area to be clean and tidy.

Brewers Fayre & Festive Menu ReviewConclusion of the Brewers Fayre

The Brewers Fayre was very festive feeling, all decorated nicely and had a real family feel. I feel that it the Brewers Fayre was great value for money and my family had a great time. We are returning back on Monday for the annual Christmas Disco hoping to see Father Christmas.

We received £50 off our bill in order to review the Brewers Fayre. All words and opinions are my own.

9 thoughts on “Brewers Fayre & Festive Menu Review”

  1. We have also been to one of the brewers fayre pubs recently but to review their new play area. Libby adored it, she was so upset to go home! Glad you had a good meal, hope your son is feeling better now.x

  2. The food looks good and there’s none of the awkward trying to keep the kids sitting still between courses – sounds great to me Joy!

  3. I’ve heard mixed things about Brewers Fayre so it’s great that you had a good experience. It’s nice that there was two play areas and activity sheets for children – there’s nothing worse than eating out with bored kids.


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