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Baby PamperingIt is hard to believe that I have now been a mother for half of my life. No-one really can explain to you what it means to be a mother. They talk about the sleep deprivation in the early days, but nothing can really prepare you for it. Next comes the guilt – starting with the health visitor questioning your every move. You worry about your baby’s weight gain, general development and whether all those sleepless nights are actually to do with teething. Fast forwarded on and soon this dependable being becomes an individual. It is not long before they are off to playgroup/nursery/school. And so the journey begins until you find yourself at the point when they are ready to leave.

pamper parcel rugbyI think that having four boys must make it easier for me. As I can appreciate the journey a little more each time. I have 7 years until the next son down will turn 18. He still relies on myself and his dad a lot. From picking him up after his rugby training/matches and washing his dirty kit. In fact the dirty kit is often just left in his bag on the bedroom floor; even when he needs it for another match in just a couple of days since the last! I don’t like to put it through the dryer either as the material feels too delicate to me. I do not mind though, I am just so proud that he made the team. pamper parcel rugbyHe started as a reserve and I was pleased with that. Rugby is really competitive, especially at his school. But he soon moved onto the team. I like how he is interested in something that keeps him fit, active, and gets him outdoors. He is a good lad and every weekend goes and helps out his Nan, for which she gives him some money. Every Christmas he buys me a present. In future years I could see him buying me something like a Pamper Parcel as a way of saying thank you. This year I received one for supporting him with his rugby, it was just the pampering I needed after a busy term (my children go to 3 different schools and it is almost 16 miles to the rugby loving son’s school).

My first impressions of my Pamper Parcel

pamper parcel rugbyFirst impressions are really important and I am pleased to say that my Pamper Parcel did not disappoint. Put together in a lovely reusable wooden box and tied with a lovely football ribbon. Once inside the box the smell instantly hit me – it was absolutely gorgeous pampering my nostrils immediately. My parcel arrived before Christmas and I felt so spoilt with a lot of the products very carefully wrapped in green and grey tissue paper, held together with red and white star tape. The bottom of the box was lined with red tissue paper which gave it a real festive feel. I really liked the little touch of some confetti-like football shapes, shiny stars and circles scattered about too.

The Contents of the Pamper Parcel

candle pamper parcel rugbyThe parcel had been hand-picked for me and consisted only of natural, organic and Fairtrade products sourced from independent businesses. The parcel would have been great as a pampering gift for me to use on my own whilst my son was out at his rugby. First I lit the Serenity Lemongrass & Geranium candle and dropped the bath bomb into the bath. I had even been provided with some sweet-smelling aromatherapy shower & bath wash. It was the perfect way to relax. After my bath I rubbed in some Uplifting & reviving hydrating body cream and applied some Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. I snuggled up with my husband on the sofa and watched a film whilst sharing the most amazing Popcorn with Caramel & Sea Salt, Chocolate and Vanilla All butter shortbread, Smooth milk chocolate giant buttons, Montezuma’s milk chocolate (organic and minted with crunchy peppermint) and hot chocolate spoon milk chocolate. The last thing in my box was my Pass it on package. A lovely idea of letting someone else benefit from the Pamper Package. I really like that Pamper Parcels encourage giving. The obvious choice would have been to give it to my husband for all his help with the rugby – but I had already shared the rest of the box with him. Instead I decided to give it to my rugby loving son, to say thank you for being the thoughtful little boy that he is.

Verdict of the Pamper Parcel

I was really impressed with my Pamper Parcel and felt truly special. Each and every product tantalised the senses – especially olfactory. They all felt such exceptionally high quality and really made the pampering first class. I loved how the box is reusable and how thoughtfully put together the whole package was. I think the parcels make a great gift to make someone feel special. I will certainly consider sending one to those I do not live near rather than flowers in future. Note that Pamper Parcels are not just for Mothers – there is a Pamper Parcel for everyone – go take a look for yourself.

8 thoughts on “Rugby Mother Pamper Parcel”

  1. I’m completely in love with Pamper Parcels and have been recommending them to so many people since I got one to review a while back. 2015 is my year for looking after me – both mentally and physically and I hope Pamper Parcels will help me do so!

  2. Ooh – love that they’re organic, natural and fair-trade. I hope your boys DO end up getting them for you in the future! Or you’ll just have to reward yourself. Rude not to! x


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