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There are several reasons our chosen family holiday destination is France – not just because it is cheaper because it is easier to drive to France. The last few years we went to Holland and the largely speak English – enough that when our son ended up with in hospital with his head bleeding they could understand us! But this is what brings me back to France – I think it is important to be able to speak the country’s language and actually communicate with people. Our 11 year old is currently taking French and German and is really enthusiastic and seems to have a love of these languages. I was never ever any good at German and France seemed the easier alternative.

Things to learn in French

From our previous visits I would say that if you cannot speak French they you are best to take a phrase book (or translation app) but not to worry if you do not have them, you will get by. Things to learn are directions, descriptions, illnesses and obviously basic manners (hello, goodbye, thank you). This is because we got lost, I helped a woman who had lost her son and our scare with the hospital (make sure you have your E111 which is free to order). I am ashamed to say that the most important phrase we learnt was to ask, “Do you speak English please?”

French body parts

Can you translate these body parts? Maybe get your children to draw a person and label where they go:

* La bouche *Le bras *Les cheveux *Le ventre *Le cou *La jambe *La main *Le nez *L’oreille *Le pied *La tete *Les yeux

Speaking French with cookingKids Cook French – Les Enfants Cuisinent

I think a great way to learn a language is by using it in our everyday life. So I was thrilled to be offered the Kids Cook French – Les Enfants Cuisinent a la Francaise to review. Written by Claudine Pepin, a trusted television personality, accomplished cook, seasoned teacher and dedicated mom. The book is gorgeously illustrated and shares 30 French recipes written in both English and French on side-by-side pages. I was impressed as an English mother and my son’s French teacher was too. Well put together so that the French is more easily absorbed by putting little snippets of translation on the English describing pages too (such as Ham – Jambon). My son was expecting it to be frogs legs and snails rather than chicken and Clauie’s Croque Monsieur – so it was nice that he was re-educated.

Speaking French with cookingIt has an emphasis on fresh ingredients and hands on preparation – encouraging a love of cooking and eating healthily from a young age. Some of the instructions may need to be explained to the child who is not used to cooking but other than that the Speaking French with cookingbook is very straight forward. There is a section on the different seasons and what produce is available before 2 lined pages to write down create your own menus. It is a hardback book with good quality pages.

Claudine Pepin, Illustrated by Jacques Pepin, Published by Quarry

ISBN: 978 – 1 – 59253 – 953 – 6


For your chance to win a copy of Kids Cook French – Les Enfants Cuisinent tell me in no less than 10 words what things you think are essential when travelling to France from the UK?


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I was sent a free copy of Kids Cook French – Les Enfants Cuisinent in return for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.

53 thoughts on “Learn to Speak French – Cook Book Review & Giveaway”

  1. A french translation booklet, a beret, plenty of euros for spending and a sense of adventure! I would leave my kids at home with the grandparents for this trip!

  2. A sense of adventure, a willingness to try and experience new things, an open mind(frogs legs :-o), a sense of humour and a desire to have fun.

    Oh yeah, and a high vis jacket and a reflective triangle if you driving.

  3. A travel adaptor is handy, a prepaid debit card is always good, a phrase book helps and a list of things you may want to see that are off the normal tourist trail.

  4. Passports, baby, baby’s bits, husband, travel sweets, Euros, phrase book, mobile phone, tickets. Everything else we can buy there if we forget it!

  5. Well if you are taking a car, you have to carry a luminescent vest for every person who is in the car, a breath test and a warning triangle, or be fined! Passport and clothes for all weathers really, but most of all take a camera, smiles and sense of fun, it’s a beautiful country!

  6. Cereal my daughter hates any cereal that isn’t from a uk supermarket! It’s a night mare when we travel anywhere!

  7. I’ve only been to France once, but I wished I’d brought a better guide book as there were things I knew I wanted to see, but finding them was a whole different matter!

  8. You definitely need an adapter so you can charge your tablet and use your hairdryer and the most important thing is tea bags as the French don’t do tea the way we do!

  9. I have never travelled to france but i think important things to take would be clothes, satnav, translation book and money for all the vineyards you could visit (not for the kids obviously)


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