LEGO Friends Pop Star Recording Studio (#41103)

LEGO Friends Pop Star Recording studio
The LEGO Friends story is about the lives of five friends Olivia, Emma, Stephanie, Andrea and Mia. But now with the introduction of the Pop Star Range we are introduced to the newest character Livi. Sassy and sweet Livi is a pink haired pop star. This range is designed to bring out the inner star and to discover the life of glamour and fame. Chart topping Princess Livi Star is on her grand world tour with her last stop being at Heartlake City.

LEGO Friends Pop Star Recording Studio (#41103) £12.99

LEGO Friends Pop Star Recording studioOlivia is helping to get all the technical equipment in the production room ready for Livi to record her next big chart topper. This feels like a more grown up set than previous LEGO Friends models with the use of a darker pink and purple, contrasted with a lot more white and black. As you would expect there is a lot of attention to detail with many moving parts (such as the doors, the control station, the speakers, the notes on the top and the CD player. The set comes with everything required to make a chart topping song – including a headset for Olivia, a wall-mountable guitar, microphone, note sheet,  and of course the recording booth and cd player. There is a sofa with somewhere to hold a drink and a chair with a headrest that tilts back. I really like this set and think it makes play easy as it is so easy to make a story with it all.

Also available in the LEGO Friends Pop Star Range

LEGO Friends Pop Star Recording studioThe Pop Star Tour Bus #41106 (rrp £49.99) which has everything needed to travel around in style – including a DJ deck and a hot tub! The Pop Star Dressing Room #41104 (rrp £24.99) – Livi’s stylist Emma picks out an amazing outfit and styles her hair. There’s also a doggy pampering area for Livi’s Dalmation, Cookie. The Pop Star Stage Show #41105 (rrp £34.99) is the perfect setting for Livi’s performance. With Andrea on drums or keyboard or the electric guitar. There’s a dance function and the stage rearranges for a costume change. Livi can grab a drink from the mini bar in the Pop Star Limo #41107 (rrp £19.99) whilst watching tv, before joining Olivia in the interview booth to talk about her latest show. The Heartlake Grand Hotel #41101 (rrp £99.99) is the five-star luxury that Livi decides to utilise at the end of her tour when she decides to spend a few days in Heartlake City. Complete with Nate the bellboy, a revolving door, a glamorous lobby, show-stopping chandelier, swimming pool, sun loungers, smoothie bar, hotel café, fountain and cozy hotel bar with jazz piano and saxophone. Emma’s Tourist Kiosk #41098 (rrp £9.99) is a great place for Livi to buy her vacation essentials (sunscreen, sweets, drinks and postcards) and find out all about Heartlake City. Find Mia and her dog Charlie at the Heartlake Skate Park #41099 (rrp £17.99) performing her latest skating tricks on the half-pipe, listening to tunes on the stereo. Finally Livi flies always on the Heartlake Private Jet #41100 (rrp £19.99). Take the luggage through security, kick back in the first class cabin and freshen up in the bathroom.


I was sent a LEGO Friends Pop Star Recording Studio. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. I’m slightly annoyed that DD has bought into the whole pink marketing of the Lego Friends brand but I have to say it’s worked! She’d never have touched Lego before but she loves Lego Friends!


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