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Y Fliker

Y Fliker Scooters (the one where each foot is placed on a different platform in a Y shape) are powered by children by using the same motions as downhill skiers. To get going and keep moving the user simply has to move their hips and legs from side to side.

Previously available models were the Air, Base, Junior, Sport and Carver Series. The newest addition to the range, the Y Fliker Lift, is a three-wheeled self-propelling scooter that offers children an extreme ride and is aimed at experienced riders.  It allows them to carve, drift, spin 360-degrees, and pop wheelies forwards and even sideways!  The revolutionary lift technology works when children pick up speed and lean back. This allows children to perform new tricks.

Y Fliker Lift - Yvolution

The Y Fliker Lift

The Y Fliker Lift is easy to assemble, using the allen key which is provided. The Y Fliker Lift features a sleek design, steel frame with internal break cables, free-spinning trick handle bar and an angled steering column for more extreme riding stance.  It also has polyurethane wheels for a smooth ride, anti-vibration rubber hand grips for comfort, a quick response hand brake for safety. It has a twist & fold mechanism so that when it is not in use it is more manageable to store and/or transport. When folded the largest part across is the length of the handle bars.

Y Fliker Lift - Yvolution

Our Verdict on the Y Fliker Lift

We are NOT experienced riders in terms of doing tricks but we do regularly use our scooters. Our 8 year old son actually found it quite difficult to grasp the concept of not wiggling the handle bars the same as his bottom half and to concentrate on steering. He did get this after a while but all his concentration went into that. He said that he doubted his younger brother could do it because he struggles with gross motor skills and took longer to ride his scooter successfully. However, the 6 year old took to it straight away. He did still find it difficult and had to work at it but got the concept – he was unable to do the lift though. Personally I found it easier than I thought – but wasn’t brave enough to lift it (apart from on a skatepark ramp when it lifted itself!). My husband had done wheelies in his youth (I never) and was able to do the lift – even with the Y Fliker Lift stationery. My son’s friend (aged 7) also had a go and found it difficult but said it was cool. Really important was that the brakes were really effective and the scooter did not tip when they were applied even going quickly down a steep path. I think the fact that the Y Fliker Lift requires some practice and skill make it a fantastic buy. It gives children something to aim for and be proud of when they have mastered it. Of course it also is great for thinking and co-ordination skills – as well as great exercise.

Y Fliker Lift - Yvolution

Ages 7+ (max weight 100kgs); Available in black/red

RRP £99.99

Comes with 1 year warranty and is available in Toys R Us and Argos

For More Stockist Information Check out www.yvolution.com

I received a Y Fliker Lift for purposes of review. All words and opinions are my own.

18 thoughts on “Y Fliker Lift – Yvolution”

  1. Love this – it looks fantastic. I know you said it’s tricky, but that must be some of the joy of it – learning how to do it properly! I’m sure I couldn’t, but know my son would love to have a go!

  2. We are reviewing the lift too and my 10 year old is loving it. He does tricks and all sorts on it. He was the talk of the street when it arrived

  3. That bum wiggle is too cute! I didn’t realise you can do t backwards too, I’ll get my grls to try. Mien keep trying to do lifts on theres and it is not made for it, this would be much better for that. Mich x

  4. This looks like an exciting addition to the Y Fliker family, my lot have seen these around and always found them an interesting idea. I can imagine it’s quite a skill to master being able to wiggle along to make it move, but once you’ve got the hang of it it’s not too difficult. It’s great that they’ve thought about all the safety features such as the brakes as well, makes you feel confident in letting your kids free on the skate parks with it. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.


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