Teletubbies Toys Reveal!

Teletubbies are back and toy manufacturer Character Options have a stunning collection of Teletubbies Toys to help further enhance children’s development. I received a variety of Teletubbies Toys in a package over the festive period so that I could give you my readers an honest opinion on the Teletubbies Toys before you went out and bought them. All I knew is that I would receive one of each of the characters (Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po) in some form or other. That the range would include interactive soft toys, figurines, playsets and novelty items – each one developed to encourage learning through play.

Inside my Mystery Box of Teletubbies Toys:

Teletubbies Plush

Of course it would make sense to have a toy suitable for all ages, therefore each Teletubby is available as a 6-inch plush. I received the Supersoft Collectables Tinky-Winky (£6.99). This is really good for children of a young age as it has a few different textures on it. The main body (the purple bits) are really soft, the kind of feel you want to snuggle up to your skin. The bottom of the feet have another type of fabric, with a simple polka dot pattern, and the face a different texture once again. The Tinky-Winky plush looks just like his on screen counterpart including the iconic Teletubbies screen stomach and Tinky Winky’s iconic triangle antennae on top of the head. The size is perfect for little hands to grip on to, to put on the side of the cot, in the pram, or even for older children.  The rest of the toys I received are suitable for children ages 18 months and over, this was the only one suitable for all ages.Teletubbies Toys Reveal!

I also received the signature 8-inch Talking Soft Toys – which features iconic speech and sound effects when their bellies are pressed. I received the Talking Po Soft Toy (£9.99) and Talking Laa-Laa Soft Toy (£9.99). Again both featured the same texture materials as the smaller Tinky-Winky but in their character colours.  Both Po and Laa-Laa giggle. Press the TV screen belly each time to hear sounds such as them saying their names, big hug, very (h)appy, eh-oh, and again again! The voices are distinctly recognisable as Po’s and Laa-Laa’s own sounds, and again both representing well their TV equivalents. All plushes are hand washable. The only complaint about these is that it would be nice if they were slightly different sizes – to reflect the size order/difference in the different characters.

Also available in the Teletubbies Plush range are Jumping Po (who jumps up and down when he TV screen belly is pressed, while giggling and singing her own special song) and The Lullaby Laa-Laa night light toy companion (with a soft light show and soothing music).

Teletubbies World of Plastic

Small world play is good for the development of the imagination, social skills, story-telling as well as hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. I received 2 of the Teletubbies Collectables figures – collection 1 Dipsy (£3.99) and Collectables figures – collection 1 Laa-Laa (£3.99). The figures are 3 ½” tall in one static position. They are made of a wipe-clean plastic material and feature their iconic items (Dipsy’s hat and Laa-Laa’s ball). Perfect for retelling stories seen on-screen or as additions to the playsets.Teletubbies Toys Reveal!

Teletubbies Superdome Playset (£29.99) is modelled on the Home Dome (which is where the Teletubbies live). Perfect for small world play, recreating the stories they have seen or making up new ones. There is a seating area that spins around – with 2 chairs that the collectables figures fit into. It comes complete with a Po figure that is sitting down holding a slice of Tubby Toast. Of course it features the toaster, with pop up Tubby Toast! Next to the Tubby Toaster is Noo-noo who can move backwards and forwards and has slurping noises, there’s an operational lift (which goes up and down and fits one Teletubby), a mirror dance floor, a Tubby light and sound phone to talk to each of the Teletubbies, and easy press buttons for music and custard splat sound effects – including a Po shaped (and coloured red) face button. This requires 3 x AAA and demonstration batteries are included. It also took me longer than the other toys to take out of the packaging due to it being secured to its own packaging.Teletubbies Toys Reveal!

Other playsets available include The Tubby Custard Machine – a pull-a-log with spinning cups for each of the Teletubbies as the Custard Machine lights up and plays music and funny custard splat sound effects; and The Music Day Playset – which features musical drums, podium and piano and comes with an exclusive Laa-Laa figure with a trumpet!

Teletubbies Toys Novelty Plastic

Teletubbies just wanted be complete without Noo-noo and so I was delighted to receive the Drive & Steer Noo-noo (£29.99). This wireless remote controlled Noo-noo vacuum cleaner has sound effects and plays the Teletubbies theme tune. Easy for small hands to hold and simple to use with forwards, reverse and turbo buttons – steering the wheel in the direction you want Noo-noo to go. It also has a start button and a music button. Noo-noo has an on/off switch underneath, and a mute button for quieter play. The underside of the steering wheel also has an on/off switch and instructions on aiming the rear of the steering wheel at the vehicle. Drive & Steer Noo-noo requires 4 x AA batteries for the Steering wheel and 4 x AAA batteries for Noo-noo (batteries not included).Teletubbies Toys Reveal!

Conclusion of Teletubbies Toys

I think that the new Teletubbies Toys are fantastic. They are of good quality and high playability factor. My 6 year old loved them as soon as he saw them and just knew what to do with them! He’s only confusion was that they were not of different heights. I think that the Teletubbies Toys have been well thought out and definitely great for helping children develop through play. The Teletubbies toys are all at a very reasonable price and the packaging is recycleable. I would recommend these toys.
Teletubbies Toys Reveal!

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I was sent a surprise selection of Teletubbies Toys and have received administration costs to cover my time reviewing these products. All words are honest and my own.

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  1. These look so cool, especially the teddy bears, my son loves these but finds them hard to press, these look very easy! And that little Hoover I would love a shot of that lol


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