Peppa Pig Classic Playsets Review

Parents and children, fans old and new, will love the iconic Character Options Peppa Pig Playsets, classically inspired by the TV show. I was sent Peppa’s Home & Garden Playset and Air Peppa Jet to review.

Peppa’s Home & Garden Playset

Peppa’s Home & Garden Playset is instantly recognisable with its iconic shape and colours. It was easy to take out of the packaging and had a small amount of assembly. The house itself is easy to open and close with a little dial, which can be turned either way. Different to a previous home set we had, this opens up to reveal four rooms with an attic; but like the previous set everything folds up inside the house for easy storage and has a carry handle to make transportation easier.

The Peppa and George Pig Characters are easy to pose, with moving arms, legs and heads – this makes it possible for them to really jump into the muddy puddles, or even give each other a hug! Peppa Pig and Little Brother George having a hug

I love all the details inside each of the rooms – both flat pictures and 3D pieces of furniture fixed to the house, which make it identifiable as the home of Peppa Pig. I love the fact that the bathroom is next to the bedroom – as George Pig must be toilet training by now! Although I am a bit concerned that there’s only 3 toothbrushes – maybe Daddy Pig has taken his on his travels somewhere.Peppa Pig Playsets Review

The accessories are great for fine motor skills and imaginative play. The moveable furniture means that there is more to the imagination – like does George want to take the bed and sleep in the attic? Or even watch TV up there? The only downside is that when the bed is in the bedroom you cannot see anything else as it takes up the whole space. I loved the addition of the garden with a tree and see-saw – which hopefully will also encourage children to go and play outdoors. It is also a great opportunity for explaining about mass – as Peppa is much bigger than her little brother George. Can your child work out what would happen if Daddy Pig got on?Peppa Pig and Little Brother George on the see saw

The Peppa’s Home & Garden Playset contains Peppa’s House, a Peppa Pig figure, Peppa’s little brother George Pig figure, a See-Saw, a Tree, a Bed, a Fridge and a Television. Not suitable for those under 3 years old due to small parts.

Available at Argos £19.99

Air Peppa Jet

Air Peppa Jet has everything Peppa needs to go on an adventure. I think this is great not only for imaginative play but also if a child is going to be going on their first airplane journey – that they can get an idea of what happens first.Peppa Pig Playsets Review

Air Peppa Jet comes complete with a Peppa Pig character (who is wearing a top with a jet on) and two suitcases, which go inside the jet’s rear storage compartment.  Air Peppa Jet features pull down stairs and an openable cabin, for children to move the characters to around the interior of the plane. It would be good to explain to the children about how they need to be seated for take-off and landing but can move about at other times.There are wheels to push the Jet along to help it gain speed for lift off. There are windows to look out of and the children can imagine the views that Peppa and her friends would see – maybe a chance to discuss with children who plan to fly what they may see out of the window.Air Peppa Jet

There’s no need to worry about who is flying the plane as the pilot is none other than Miss Rabbit: However, children can flip her down and put any of the other Peppa characters to fly the plane (only Peppa is included). Although it turns out George can pose in the driver’s seat but is a bit small for take-off and falls over!

Air Peppa Jet contains Air Peppa Jet, Peppa Pig Figure and 2 suitcases. Not suitable for those under 3 years old due to small parts.

RRP £19.99

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I was sent Peppa Pig Playsets for purposes of review. This post is an advertisement for which I have been financially compensated for. All opinions are honest and my own.

4 thoughts on “Peppa Pig Classic Playsets Review”

  1. My daughter loves Peppa Pig so she had to have the entire set! It makes great for her imagination and keeps her very occupied!

  2. Little Peach loves Peppa Pig, we have got a few bits and some these will be great to add to her collection. We have got some of the fairytale range, it is super cute.

  3. I came across your review as I have been looking online for ideas for my daughter’s 3rd birthday next week. She absolutely LOVES Peppa Pig and these would be wonderful to add to her collection. She currently has the tree house so she would probably love the plane as well!


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