Pink Parcel Subscription Box Review

Whilst it is lovely that young girls just starting their monthlies can receive a subscription box to soften the blow they aren’t the only ones who suffer! Therefore I was thrilled to be offered a sample subscription box from Pink Parcel who appreciate just that!Pink Parcel December Subscription Box Contents

All I had to do was select the type, absorbency and brand of underwear saving device and the rest was left to them. I suffer terrible and have rather a heavy flow so was really pleased to not only be catered for, but with a brand that I know and trust. The box arrived discretely packaged and with a good use of space. Inside the grey and light pink box was a booklet explaining what everything inside was, how much it cost, and where it was available from.

Pink Parcel Box December Contents

A discreet bag for keeping the sanitary towels I had opted for in (labelled for now).  A black bag with white bow pictures all over it and containing 6 individually wrapped sanitary towels plus 5 individually wrapped liners. I am only assuming that the liners are for when your period is due and not quite there yet, hence included in the now bag with towels being “ready” – as you obviously don’t wear them at once!Pink Parcel Subscription Box Review

There were 3 boxes clearly labelled

  1. For you: A little something to cheer you up – and boy do I need that as I get REALLY grumpy when it is my time of the month. I was torn between looking straight away and actually waiting until I was due to need it (note they are usually sent ready for when your period is due so this wouldn’t be a problem). This is probably the most important box in my opinion, because otherwise you can just add products you need to an online shop! I loved the variety in the box – with some treats including make-up, smells and jewellery. What I didn’t like that my eyeshadow arrived broken and that I was sent an Earl Grey tea bag (I have given up caffeinated tea). Fine for me but might not be for some others is the fact that the earrings rely on you having pierced ears too. Other than that I thought it was a very festive box with great colours.
  2. For night: Use these at bedtime. This box contains 5 bigger towels for when sleeping and blood loss is higher.Pink Parcel For Night Time
  3. For later: Keep these close by. There are a further 10 towels like the ones in the “for now” bag – totalling 16 regular size and 5 larger towels. Whilst this is a good start to my requirements until I get to the shop/have a delivery it wouldn’t be enough for me to last the month. Ideally I would expect some liners in here too for that last-minute spotting and to keep fresh in-between periods.

Overall, whilst I think it is a lovely idea I would not subscribe to Pink Parcel myself for myself. However, I would appreciate a subscription as a present, and I think especially a gift from my husband it would be like him saying he knows it is difficult to have periods and he wants to try to make things easier/nicer for me.


I was sent a free Pink Parcel with no obligation to review it. All words are honest and my own. I am sure if I got in touch about the broken eyeshadow it would be replaced without question.



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  1. I have been looking at these for my daughter, so it is interesting to know that you wouldn’t personally subscribe but would be happy as a gift. I do always wonder if these monthly boxes would have “enough” to cover each month. Definitely food for thought!


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