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Subscription boxes are on the increase – they allow people to discover new products easily, save time, are flexible and convenient and make great gift ideas. I was approached by uOpen the UK’s only Subscription Box Market Place – who offer over 200 subscription boxes from over 150 merchants.

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Little Cooks Co Subscription Box with uOpen

They offered me a review and affiliate relationship with them – and this felt like it fitted in perfectly with the boys being home educated. There are new boxes being added every week and they are broken down into 12 categories and 40 sub-categories. This allows you to discover new subscriptions, as well as managing all your boxes from one account. This means you can easily pause, switch and cancel subscriptions (as well as checking when they are due to be sent out). With exclusive members only offers and discounts. Plus there is a reward scheme where uOpen rewards can be redeemed against review boxes.

The uOpen website is easy to navigate and it is really straightforward placing an order. Once you have done this everything is in the hands of the actual subscription company in terms of the contents in the box and delivery – but you are told when to expect them.

Little Cooks Co Subscription Box

Cooking is such an important life skill to learn and the Little Cooks Co Subscription box helps do this in a fun and healthy way. The handpicked recipes are designed by a registered nutritionist and tested with little cooks! They are completely organic and free from refined sugar, gluten and processed ingredients setting them up for good cooking habits for life. They are easy to follow with the ingredients perfectly measured out ready for cooking. You just need to add free ingredients. This makes it perfect for hectic family life as all Little Cooks Co Subscription boxes have a three month shelf life, meaning you don’t have to rush and take the fun out of it!

Little Cooks Co Subscription box coming through the letterbox

First Impressions of the Little Cooks Co Subscription Box

The Little Cooks Co Subscription Boxes are designed to fit through the letterbox so no-one had to be home to sign for it. The branding was nice and clear with a visually appealing look of the box – both before and after opening. The only things that were a shame is that our tissue paper was ripped and that, although very colourful, there was an unnecessary plastic circle in the box. Other than that all the ingredients were beautifully presented with minimum packaging and clearly labelled.

It was exciting opening the box trying to anticipate what may be in there and our boys enjoyed exploring the contents, especially ones they weren’t familiar with. They were delighted to find they were organic and surprised at some of the ingredients the recipe instructed them to use (which they wouldn’t have otherwise tried).

What was in the Little Cooks Co Subscription Box

The contents of the Little Cooks Co Subscription Box changes each month so that the children can learn to cook different things. Our box had two recipes, the main one of Cookie Sandwiches and an additional one of Sweet Potato sandwiches. The ingredients were just for the former recipe though. They were written on very practical wipe clean sheets – and had photographs as well as written instructions – great for visual learners.

Contents of the Little Cooks Co Subscription box - including 2 recipe cards, dry ingredients and a plastic rainbow disk

In our box there was organic ground almonds, organic raw cacao (which lead to a further investigation into what this was as it wasn’t something we had come across before), organic oats, organic dates, organic flaxseeds, some parchment paper and the before-mentioned recipe cards and colourful plastic circle.

The Price and Value of the Little Cooks Co Subscription Box

The Little Cooks Co Subscription Box can be bought from as little as £8.42 a month (over a 12 month subscription) with different price points the most expensive being only £8.99 for a one off box. This is the same price whether you do it for yourself or as a gift. I think given not only the organic ingredients in the box but the expertise from the nutritionist then the Little Cooks Co Subscription Box is great value for money. Plus you have the element of surprise and trying new things you wouldn’t normally.

child cooking

Thoughts on the Little Cooks Co Subscription Box

The Little Cooks Co Subscription Box was a great box to have fun in the kitchen whilst preparing something healthy. It is designed for either competent young cooks or to be used together with a parent. The instructions were easy to follow and great visually. The Little Cooks Co Subscription boxes help promote healthy eating with organic ingredients. They are great boxes for those short of time or with hectic lives as it does not need to be used immediately.

On the other hand because everything was not provided we couldn’t use the box immediately, and we had to improvise on some of the equipment the recipe wanted us to use. Other issues we encountered was that the boys found it difficult to fit 24 balls on the small amount of parchment paper – but this is where spending time with an adult to show them helped.

Cooking sandwiches cooling made from the Little Cooks Co Subscription box

The Little Cooks Co Subscription Box can be used as a learning experience – some things we discovered were things such as cooking vocabulary was increased (such as flesh and strained) and about reading ahead and problem solving. For example the instructions told us to melt the butter and then put everything in the bowl – but as it took so long to put everything in the bowl we feel we would have been better doing this first. Also the fact that we got the banana ready at the start but didn’t need it for a while and so the air was getting to it. It was great that we tried new things – there was avocado in the cookies and one son even wanted to leave this out. I told him we should try it anyway and he was surprised at the result. I don’t think he would have eaten avocado otherwise and he certainly wouldn’t have chosen to use a recipe with it in – therefore making the Little Cooks Co Subscription Box even more value for money.

uOpen Discount Code

I think that the uOpen site is an amazing idea – whether that’s because you are looking for some fun in the kitchen like the Little Cooks Co Subscription box or even a gift idea subscription box. I am that convinced that you will love it that I am offering a 10% uOpen discount code off everything it is THANKS10 (for 10% off your total order value on uOpen).

I received a complimentary Little Cooks Co Subscription box in association with uOpen and will earn commission from any purchases made through my affiliate link. All opinions are honest and my own.

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