National Geographic™ Crystal Lab Kits and The Original Sea Monkeys Review

We have been asked to be ambassadors for the National Geographic™ STEM educational kits from Bandai, which are a range of experiment-based discoveries that will appeal to both boys and girls. This month it was time to see what we think about the Crystal Lab Kits and The Original Sea Monkeys.

National Geographic Crystal Lab kit

National Geographic™ Green Crystal Growing Lab

The Crystal Growing Kits provide all you need to grow and inspect an amazing crystal at home. Including a real Fluorite, Amethyst or Calcite crystal in each box). Wannabe geologists and crystal enthusiasts get to compare the real-thing with the one they grow.

crystal provided in kit to compare with

Our box contained 1 bag of Crystal Growing Powder (and there was plenty left over once we had made ours), 1 seed rock, 1 magnifying glass, 1 stir stick, 1 fluorite, 1 display stand and a learning guide plus instruction manual (and translations booklet).

mixing crystals

What I love about these kits is that they require minimal supervision for our 10 and 11 year old – with everything being really clear what to do in the booklets.  We did of course go over the safety information together before they began. We did not wear safety goggles as non were provided in the kit – but we were careful to make sure we kept everything away from our eyes. The other really important thing safety-wise is to be extremely careful with the boiling water. Our son is used to using a kettle so was perfectly happy but was still supervised closely whilst he did it.

crystal on day 1 as soon as it is mixed

What I love about the National Geographic™ Green Crystal Growing Lab kit is that not only does it explain all about crystals but it gives a real scope to be experimental. There are 3 things the crystal needs to grow – light, warmth and stability – and you can manipulate these to see what different results you get. For example a suggestion is that you try covering the top of the container in the first 24 hours; or varying the amount of powder you use; how long it is stirred for; or how long you cool the water.

growing a crystal day 5

For ages 8 and over

Original Sea Monkeys

These Original Sea Monkeys kits allow you to grow and breed families. As the Sea Monkeys are living creatures it is important to look after them properly – giving great responsibility to young children just like pets.

sea monkey ocean zoo

Our son was very careful to follow the instructions properly including discovering which way is north – and sure enough they hatched quickly. Again the instruction leaflet is very clear and informative. There’s even a free replacement of water purifier and sea monkey egg pouches if they do not hatch. Again you can experiment with things such as the water temperature

mixing sea monkeys
See my Insta Stories to see how they are getting on

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I received the National Geographic™ STEM Crystal Lab kits and The Original Sea Monkeys free for purposes of review. Opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. Those are so cool. We made some crystals, but this is something my middle child would like. Love sea monkeys too xxx


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