Psychologies Magazine #Review

I don’t know about you but I have really got out of practise with reading – well apart from on the internet, and it isn’t really setting a good role model for my children. I don’t often get the time to read a whole book and guess that’s what keeps putting me off. I also do not really make enough time for myself (unless you want to consider me writing, reviewing and promoting for my blog as such). So when I was offered the chance to review the new and improved Psychologies magazines I knew that it would provide me with this chance to take a breather from it all and make time for me.

psyhologies magazine review @pinkoddy

Little did I know that that was exactly the kind of message this lifestyle magazine was sending out. Love your to do lists, value yourself, how to communicate, beating your fear – and much much more.

I did like the small tips – such as wearing high heels is beneficial to not over spending – and what woman doesn’t want to hear that there’s research based on her having new shoes (well they have to match the outfit right?).
Psychologies Magazine Review why wearing high shoes help with shopping

Who could resist the multiple choice quiz that reveals things about you? I used to love doing these in my teens – seems I may have liked the answers more then. But it did give me something to think about and the magazine as a whole really gave an insight into how I can change my life. I would have liked to see some sort of helpline, or somewhere to turn to for further support – as it did suggest that the reader may be struggling with their self-esteem or had a difficult life – and after evoking those feelings it just kind of said be kind to yourself.

Psychologies Magazine Review Quiz

I liked that there were important messages – such as a reminder about Remembrance Sunday teamed with another good cause the Zoe Project where woman in their shanty towns on the outskirts of Lima in Peru make Crocheted Poppy Brooches, enabling them to earn a fair living wage without having to leave their children.

I think that this is a great magazine for a variety of ages.

Each issue is £3.90

I received a FREE copy of Psychologies Magazine for a fair and honest review.